5 Tips on How to Pack your Pacsafe Camera Bag

September 07, 2016 3 min gelesen

Ever faced that annoying moment where you just can’t seem to find your camera lenses or spare batteries? Find out how to pack yourPacsafe camera bagand keep your gear safe and accessible at all times!

Choose the Right Bag

Before you start packing, pick the right bag. You can’t pack properly if you’ve chosen the bag that doesn’t suit your purpose.
For casual photographers, bring a Pacsafe backpack. The PacsafeVenturesafe X40 backpack is one of thebest camera backpacks. It can combine with the Camsafe Protective Camera Inserts (PCI) for flexibility. The Camsafe PCI is available in three sizes. Thesmall camera insertcan accommodate a camera and smaller lenses, while thelarge camera insert can store up to four larger lenses and the camera body. To balance your travel gear and camera gear, get themedium-sized camera insert.
If you plan to shoot from a distance, the larger camera insert will suit your needs better since you’ll need the space for telephoto lenses. All of the PCI perfectly fits in the Venturesafe™ X40 bag, so you can choose which to get based on your needs. The best part is that when you don’t need all the gear, you can take the PCI out and store it in your hotel safe or leave it at home.
For photographers who prioritise camera gear over travel gear, choose acrossbody bag instead. You won’t have the extra space for travel gear, but you will be able to pack exactly what you need. TheCamsafe Z15anti-theft camera bag has plenty of space for your camera gear. It fits most DSLR cameras with one mounted lens, two extra lenses, along with flash and battery pack. It even has pockets made for your SD cards and tripod attachment points.

Pack the Essentials

Now that you’ve got the right bag, pick what you need. Choose your favourite camera lens, a tripod stand, essential camera accessories, camera body and spare batteries. Bring along a simple Pacsafe sling like theCarrysafe 150 anti-theft sling camera strap as it’s a great accessory if you’re going to be running around with your camera out. It will also prevent bag slashers from easily slicing through the straps and running away with your camera.
Laptop, SD card reader and other tools to process photographs are optional items. It is best to carry only what you need because carrying too many items will make it difficult to find things in yourPacsafe backpack.

Pack Small Items Into Pockets

Habit is a creature that’ll distract you even when you don’t want it to. That’s why you should pack according to where you are used to pack things. However, if it’s your first time packing your camera bag, we suggest these few ways you can make sure everything is where it should be.
Small items such as HDMI cables, SD cards and AAA batteries should be kept in the pockets instead of the main compartments. Use rubber bands, plastic bags or containers if they’re the type that mix easily.  Carry only the most frequently used lenses.
The main compartments should be used to keep important and frequently used items such as the camera body, lenses and speedlight. This makes sure that they are ready for use.

Make Sure it Fits Well

Each compartment should only have one piece of equipment, and they should fit the item well. This is to prevent it from shaking around while you carry the bag.
Camera bags have adjustable dividers that makes it easy for you to enlarge a section to fit bigger items, or to reduce the size so they fit just right. If you pick up the bag and feel the items rattle loosely inside, you should adjust the dividers or straps properly. If there’s extra space, you can place a folded cloth to fit items snugly in your bag.

When Not in Use, Separate

Remove batteries and camera lenses while you’re travelling. If you accidentally switch the camera on when it’s stored, you’re going to end up with a dead battery just when you need to use it. When you’re travelling, the lenses will shift and if they’re still connected to the camera, it might apply pressure to the joins or the lens itself.
When you’re taking photographs, don’t be distracted because you can’t find what you need. Knowing the exact spot you stored the items in yourPacsafe backpackwill reduce distraction. Don’t miss great photo opportunities with the right packing method.
Do you have greatcamera packing tips to share? Leave us a comment!

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