Dezember 17, 2013 2 min gelesen

Full disclosure: I’ve only visited one nude beach in my life. But I certainly learned a lot about social nakedness in those two hours, and walked away with a few tips for those of you who have never visited a clothing-optional beach.

First, the most important rule: you shouldn’t visit a nude beach just for the eye candy. There are cheaper, less creepy ways to catch a glimpse of naked flesh, and gawking and leering at others will only earn you dirty looks (if not forced removal from the beach). If you are worried about your eyes wandering where they shouldn’t, then nude beachgoing might not be for you. By the same token, you shouldn’t tolerate any unwelcome leering in your general direction. And of course, don’t even think about bringing a camera or recording device. It’s illegal, among many other reasons.

This one might seem obvious, but you must ensure you’re actually at a nude beach before disrobing. No one wants to catch an indecent exposure charge just because they mistakenly walked to the wrong beach.

It should also go without saying that you shouldn’t visit a nude beach unless you’re prepared to go the full monty, so to speak. Everyone else on the beach is putting it all out there, so you should do the same. Don’t worry about the embarrassment―embrace the freedom, instead.

That being said, visiting a nude beach with friends can be tricky because you can’t play the “I’ll never see them again” card. If you’re completely unfazed by nudity, even when it belongs to your nearest and dearest, then this is a non-issue. But if the idea of seeing your best friend naked weirds you out, then you should probably reconsider the whole arrangement.

Should you go to a nude beach by yourself? There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, but you may want to limit the amount of social contact with your fellow beachgoers if you don’t have someone else at your side. Otherwise this can be taken the wrong way. Be sure to bring a book, music player, or other item to pass the time if you want to go solo.

Now for the technical stuff. First, bring an extra towel. Let’s just say it’s for additional sand protection and leave it at that. Also, be sure to apply extra sunscreen accordingly ― and please, don’t apply lotion to your sensitive areas in public. Keep an eye out for mites, fleas, and other insects that live in the sand, now that you’re more vulnerable than ever. And lastly, be sure to avoid swimming if the water appears dirty or silty. Otherwise you can catch a nasty, potentially embarrassing infection you won’t want to explain to your doctor.

Have you ever visited a nude beach? Tell us about your experience below!

By Brad Nehring 

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