Sitting at work or home feeling like you need an escape is something all of us have gone through. That feeling like you want to be somewhere else. A great way to rise above that and focus your mind is planning a trip. It gets you excited, gives you something to look forward to and provides motivation to be working in the first place. Knowing all of these benefits, here’s a guide to kick you into gear on how to pick your perfect travel destination.

Tick all of these boxes, figure out where you want to go and getting planning. And, if you need some inspiration, there are a few tools and links at the bottom to get the ball rolling.

First, ask what do you want out of the trip?

This is where you should start. Sometimes you have a particular goal for a trip, like learning some new history, experiencing a new culture, or just getting in some relaxation time. Often, what you need out of a trip can relate to your life at home too. For example, if you live a hectic life, you probably need to go somewhere relaxing. If your life is getting a bit repetitive and boring, you might want to pack in something thrilling. Before picking your perfect travel destination, think about home and how that might be made better by some time away in a different space.

Think about what do you love doing

We all want to spend more time doing things we love right? So, if you love shopping, there’s no point in going somewhere with no shops. If you love surfing, you want to be near the ocean. If you love relaxing, don’t go somewhere busy with lots of distractions. When picking out a holiday, think about your favorite thing to do and consider planning around that activity. This is especially important if you don’t get to do it much at home.

Consider the people you’re traveling with

Sometimes you’re traveling alone, but a lot of the other time it’s with other people. Those people might share all the same interests as you, but often not. Always think about making sure everyone is going to have a great time on the trip. That way you’ll get to choose where you go next time! If you enjoy shopping, but your friends prefer relaxing at the beach, somewhere like Bali is great because it combines the best of both worlds. If It’s always great to find something you can do together as well. That way you can enjoy each other’s company, but also have your own escape when you need some space.

Plan To A Budget

How much money you have to spend is obviously a big consideration when picking your perfect travel destination. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a great time, but if you want to splash out and go somewhere exotic that can be great too. Set parameters for yourself before starting to look. Many people have gotten in trouble with the credit card by falling in love with the romance of going somewhere, only to find it’s out of realistic reach. Accommodation, food, and airfares make up the bulk of holiday expenses. So, stay at friends houses if you can (or use online sites like Home Exchange), get a place with cooking facilities so you can eat in to save on food, and hunt for specials on air tickets. Remember, when it comes to budget for a holiday, a little planning goes a long way.

Think About Time

The old adage ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’ doesn’t quite apply here. You want to spend as much time where you want to be and less time on a plane, train, car, or bus. Hidden delights can be just around the corner from where you live. So, if you’re pressed for time, think about somewhere within 3 hours drive you’ve never been and target that. If you live close to an airport, a short flight can take you a world away too (think Mexico from LA, Spain from London, or Bali from Singapore). Plan around your time and you’ll be rewarded with the travel perfect destination for that particular moment in your life.

3 Handy Tools You Can Use To Pick The Perfect Holiday Destination.

Travel books like the Lonely Planet have long been the staple way to browse and pick your perfect travel destination. It’s easy to find theirlatest recommendations online these days, so make sure you check those out. There’s also a fun video below with their top 10 countries to visit in 2019.  


However, Lonely Planet not the only game in town so think about other options too.

Check In With Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers are a great one to see interesting places you might never have heard about. That could mean reading their actual blog, or simply following them on Instagram (like Jackson Groves). Travel Hacks has a really handy article on their blog about mindset when picking a holiday destination, so make sure you check that one out toohere.  

Pick By Accommodation First

Once again, home exchange sites are a great way to get a cheap holiday somewhere you couldn’t normally afford. Google search for different ways to couch surf or swap your own place with another person or family and you could be rewarded with the perfect travel destination you never even knew existed. Safe Travels.

Wherever you’re headed, it’s always worth packing a little extra security. This gives you the peace of mind to step further outside your comfort zone to do something extraordinary. For the best anti-theft luggage and travel backpacks headhere.

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