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While it may be tempting to splurge after winter and head to classic destinations like Cancun and Acapulco, there are many other places to explore that’ll give you the same for less and with better company. Here are our picks for the ultimate spring break destinations in 2017.

#1: Beachy Spring Break at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Pack your clothes in the spacious Pacsafe Venturesafe™ X30 anti-theft adventure backpack and head down to Mexico! Less than an hour away from the legendary Cancun, Playa Del Carmen has been making waves as a more budget-friendly option. Like Cancun, it’s known for gorgeous beaches, international cuisine options, hotels and clubs that cater to the spring break crowd. Bring along the sporty Pacsafe Vibe 200 Anti-theft compact travel bag that is kitted out with protective technology to keep your belongings safe while you’re out in the sun!
The biggest advantage Playa Del Carmen has is that it’s super pedestrian-friendly – everything is in the vicinity that you’ll need a car only if you intend to leave the city. In fact, 5th Avenue is a pedestrian-only zone, and it’s here you’ll find most of the bars, hotels and restaurants that give Playa Del Carmen its appeal. It’s a great place to spend spring break without breaking the bank.

#2: Wild Spring Break on Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach has long been a popular spring break destination, among both families and college students. It’s budget-friendly, has a happening clubbing scene, beautiful beaches and is overall the best bang for your buck if you’re staying in the US. If you’re planning for a short stay, go light and fashionable with the Pacsafe Vibe 20 Anti-theft 20L backpack.
We have a couple tips on how you can stretch your budget in Myrtle Beach during spring break. First, keep an eye for “Happy Hour” promotions (usually between 4pm and 7pm daily). Second, check to see if your hotel or resort stocks coupon books. Yes, it may seem a bit old-fashioned, but these coupon books could mean the difference between grabbing ramen from the convenience store and enjoying a nice seafood buffet dinner. Be sure to carry your valuables in the discreet Pacsafe RFIDsafe™ V100 RFID blocking bi-fold wallet that counters snatch thefts with its hard-to-cut Dyneema® webbing and straps – great for those late nights partying.

#3: Glamorous Spring Break in Vegas
There’s a reason why Las Vegas is called Sin City. From drinking and gambling to clubbing, there’s no better place to go wild than Vegas. This hedonistic city is the perfect spring break destination for the college students over 21 years old, who crave the sun without needing the beach.
But if you want to join a fun pool party, be sure to check out Daylight at Mandalay Bay for its legendary daytime pool parties. Be sure to keep your wallet safe and close to you with the RFIDsafe™ Z100 RFID blocking bi-fold wallet when you’re out and about on the strip – it has a metal hook that attaches to a belt loop or the inside of your bag securely. Do note that since you’re going to be spending most of your time out and about in Las Vegas (more so than our other destinations here), it’s better to save your cash and book a cheap room for a weekday stay instead of over the weekend. Rates are generally much cheaper andyou’ll have the weekend to sober up before you head back to campus.

#4: Adventurous Spring Break on a Road Trip!
Instead of one destination, take on a few with a road trip! If you live less than a day’s drive away from Vegas, consider turning it into a road trip with friends. Take advantage of the current gas prices – it’s a great time to go cross-country!
There are a few ways to plan a road trip, and we recommend checking out Pinterest for some of the best spring break ideas. Also, bring more water than you think you’ll need. It’s easy to get dehydrated without realizing it on the road. A shoulder bag like the Pacsafe Vibe 350 Anti-theft shoulder bag makes the perfect accessory as it comes with Carrysafe® and eXomesh® slashguard technology to keep your belongings safe!

#5: Feel-Good Spring Break: Volunteer
Like to spend time helping others? Volunteer in a destination of your choice! There are plenty of short volunteering trips for those who would rather use their spring break to help others. Speak to your university or college to see if they have any programmes available during your campus’ spring break. You can be stationed somewhere close by or be sent out of state to help with research.
You can also find non-university spring break volunteering programs online but be warned – most charge a small fee for their programs. Rest assured, no matter where you go, you can’t go wrong with the Pacsafe Slingsafe™ LX50 anti-theft mini cross body bag. It comes with a smart zipper security to prevent pickpockets from getting a hold of your valuables.
Tell us how you plan on spending spring break in the comments section below!

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