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Customarily celebrated on October 16th every year,International Food Day began in 1945 to promote awareness towards world hunger and nutritious diets. A celebrated day among United Nation countries, let us look into the day of commemoration with a delectable spread acrossChina, Germany, Indonesia, Nigeria andVenezuela!

Generally known for its vibrant and daring culinary scene, the core of Chinese cuisine lies within the elements of hot spices, wild foods from the mountains, and more. While there are cooking styles representative of each Chinese province, the most popular cuisine is Sichuan.

Specifically the‘Mapo Tofu’ (beancurd) and‘Kung Pao Chicken’ (spicy diced chicken), these two dishes are customarily enjoyed with a bowl of rice and are not for the faint-hearted. Aromatic and spicy with flavorsome gravy, the Mapo Tofu is often topped with minced meat and seasonings of water chestnuts, onions and wood ear fungus, while the Kung Pao Chicken is prepared by frying diced chicken with dry red peppers and peanuts.

Often hearty and known for its great savour, Germany carries many delicious treats to its name, though the more commonly sought-after bites are the varieties of wurst (sausage). This is ideally paired with the kartoffelsalat (potato salad) – a delightful side dish made with vinegar and mustard.
Should you visit this country, be sure to treat your palate to theCurrywurst, a popular street food with grilled sausage doused in a special ketchup and topped with curry powder, resulting in a savoury bite that is utterly fulfilling!

A country known for its clever use of spices with grilled meat typically served with rice, Indonesia carries an endless list of gastronomic delights.
A dish that is particularly raved by its locals, however, is thePecel Lele. Habitually served in small street-side restaurants, the Pecel Lele features deep-fried catfish with fried tempeh (beancurd), traditional sambal chilli paste and steamed rice. Revolving a simple prep time, the catfish is first salted, rubbed with coriander and turmeric, then deep fried. A key enhancer to this dish is the sambal chilli paste, which fragrantly packs the heat.

Credit: http://www.eatingnigerian.com/beans-and-plantain-pottage/

One of the top producers of yam in the world, Nigerians love yam-richBean and plantain pottage. Utilising Nigerian Brown Beans as its main ingredient, this delectable treat carries a nutty savour amidst the natural sweetness of plantains and rich smokiness of palm oil. The country similarly fuses a variety of ingredients in the most unlikely manner. Check out the flavorful Jollof Ricehere.

Credit: https://www.goya.com/en/recipes/venezuelan-shredded-beef

With diverse influences of West African, Native American, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French in its cuisine, Venezuelan food comprises tingling spices and hearty, sumptuous meals with exotic zest.
With many memorable local cuisines to try, be sure not to miss out on thePabellon Criollo – a national dish with spicy shredded beef served over a bowl of rice. Accompanied by black beans, fried eggs and fried plantain slices, this hearty meal is a great delight to be enjoyed with every bite.
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