Choosing the Best Pacsafe Bag for your Daily Routine

July 18, 2016 2 min read

pacsafe bag on street
Bags are one of those essential items you can’t do without. Daily bags are especially important, perhaps even more so than just regular travel bags, as it’s subjected to long-term daily wear and tear. For us here at Pacsafe, our daily bags need to fulfil the following criteria:
– Public transport durability
– Easy access to documents, laptops and more
– Secure against pickpockets and snatch thefts
However, what works for one may not work for another. So here’s our easy guide to choosing the best Pacsafe bag for your daily routine (in no particular order):
inserting book in pacsafe bag
For the Backpack Lover
If you tend to:
– Run around town meeting clients
– Work alone in co-working spaces and/or cafes
– Carry only the essentials (laptop, notebook, pens and IDs)
– Prefer backpacks over sling bags
Then you may want to consider theIntasafe™ Z500 anti-theft backpack for your daily bag. First, it’s lightweight. Second, it fits a 15″ Macbook or similarly-sized laptop easily. Thirdly, it’s one of the most secure backpacks on the market. The Instasafe Z500 also has additional compartments to carry your notebook, pen, an extra tablet, and water bottle, so you can stay organised on the go without worrying about security.
photographer pacsafe bag
For the Casual Photographer
If you tend to:
– Go on day trips (via plane or train) a lot
– Need easy access to your camera
– Carry a lot of incidentals (headphones, wallet, chapstick, etc)
Then theCamsafe V25 Anti-Theft Backpackis made for you. This roomy bag can hold a DSLR and its lens, your wallet, and smartphone, just to name a few. It also comes in classic black and has space for an extra jacket or shirt, should you find yourself needing formalwear in-between shoots!
laptop pacsafe bag
For the Office Employee
If you tend to:
– Jump from the subway to office to home to gym or out for dinner
– Carry just your wallet, phone, access cards and maybe a small tablet
– Do most of your work in the office
Then theIntasafe™ Z200 anti-theft compact travel bag is probably your best fit. The smallest of our three recommendations, this bag is perfect for the commuter who simply needs to carry a tablet or book, wallet, keys and their access cards. The Instasafe Z200’s simplicity though, hides a host of security features that keeps all your items safe, including smart zipper security, an RFIDsafe pocket and a Roobar locking point to keep your bag safe on the subway. Plus, it looks stylish enough to function as a travel bag for both men and women!
Have a Pacsafe bag YOU use as a daily bag? Let us know in the comments!

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