Luxury Travelling on a Budget

April 29, 2016 3 min read

Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the finer things in life. Perhaps you’d like to travel to Taiwan but prefer staying in hotels instead of hostels. Or perhaps you’d like to enjoy the luxurious beauty rituals in Korea without spending a small fortune on food and accommodation. Here are some tips on how you can make it happen:
Book Early or Last Minute, Not in Between
For the super planners, booking early has a lot of advantages; you get a longer time to shop for the best accommodation, transport and even attraction tickets. If you’re going away for more than two nights, it’s best to plan ahead and book as early as you can. Air flights are notoriously cheaper the earlier you book and some airlines come with a refundable ticket policy, which you can utilise for greater savings if you find them offering the same flight for less after you’ve bought your tickets. Pro-tip: Sign up for your favourite airlines’ newsletters; they often have special rates for subscribers and loyal customers.
Sometimes the urge to travel just takes you and you have to go! In that case, there may be last minute deals available if you head straight to the airport and try for an early morning or afternoon flight. Sometimes you may be able to snag a First or Business Class seat at the price of an Economy seat. However, with more people travelling these days, you may not be able to get the flight you want, no matter who you ask. Pro-tip: A search for first class tickets may also turn up discounted business and first class tickets, as long as you’re flexible with your travelling times.
Off-Season Shoulders
If your dates are flexible, consider travelling during the off-season or the shoulder period. The shoulder period is dates just before or after the peak season. Tickets are usually cheaper, and you can enjoy the ambiance of the season without needing to fight the crowds. As a bonus, you might also enjoy better accommodation and food at a fraction of the peak prices.
Skip the Chains
Your accommodation could perhaps be the most budget-friendly luxury of your travelling costs. A great way to save on cost without sacrificing comfort and luxury is to stay outside of the city centres and the main touristy areas.
Exploring homestays and boutique hotels offered by services like Airbnb, Flip Keyand HomeAway, may turn up luxurious and comfortable accommodation for a fraction of the price of a 5-star chain hotel in the city centre. One additional perk? Since you’re staying with the locals, you might get to enjoy delicious neighbourhood food and drink without the exorbitant prices!
Dress the Part
It’s not a vacation if you don’t treat it like one. When you pack, skip the work clothes and focus on luxpieces. The Travel Gal Boutique has an excellent guide on choosing what pieces you should pack in your Pacsafe Toursafe EXP29, which includes ensuring you can get at least two wears out of every top, skirt, and/or pants you pack. And yes, accessories matter. Being able to take your time to do what you want instead of rushing off is one of the greatest luxuries in life, after all.
Destination Matters
Sometimes, all you need for a luxury trip is simply to book the right destination! Consider exploring places known for luxury travel at budget prices, like Eastern Europe for a cultural road trip, Boracay and Cebu in the Philippines for some diving action and if you’re up for a celestial adventure, New Zealand to capture the lesser-known but still spectacular Aurora Australis (the Southern Lights).
So, where will you travel today?

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