August 14, 2017 4 min read

Here’s a daring alternative to the usual picnic or beach day out this summer: A ghost-hunting expedition. Instead of waiting around for Halloween, take advantage of the warm, sunny weather with a cross-countryroad trip adventure to some of the eeriest locations in America. Mind you that this is not for the faint-hearted. However, if you are looking for some thrill or to test your fear threshold, then this list is made for you.

West Virginia Penitentiary, West Virginia
Built in the 1870s, this Gothic, castle-like structure is recognized as one of the most violent prisons of its time in Moundsville, West Virginia. This prison has incarcerated over thousands of inmates from thieves to rapists and murderers over the span of 120 years with gruesome executions through countless hangings and electrocutions. Today, this age-old edifice receives well-mannered visitors taking day tours through its narrow cells. But if you really want to take a step further, join the midnight tour or spend a night in one of the cells all by yourself.
Pro tip: If you plan on traveling light, bring along the Pacsafe Citysafe™ LS100 Anti-Theft Travel Handbag on your spine-chillingroad trip adventure. This nifty handbag is built with several padded sleeves with lockable zippers that allow you to store your camera, tablet and phone. While this anti-theft feature keeps your electronic gadgets secure, the cutting-edge RFIDsafe™ blocking material also protects sensitive information such as credit cards and IDs from potential scammers. This versatile and trendy bag provides sufficient compartments for your water, snacks and all the must-have items throughout the night trip!

Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia
Best known for its extensive history from the Revolutionary War to World War II, Fort Mifflin served a critical part in the fortification of Philadelphia against the siege of the British Navy in 1777. Although it was constructed by the British, this fort has survived heavy barrages and bloodbath – following its function as a garrison and prison during the Civil War. This is indeed a great site to visit especially for those who enjoy paranormal investigations and history lessons with live war reenactments – sometimes with the company of lingering specters.
Pro tip: Since you’re going on a guided tour, the Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS300 Anti-Theft Compact Backpack makes the ideal choice. Armored with the innovative eXomesh® slashguard and advanced Carrysafe® slashguard strap, this easy carry-on works well against cut and run thieves especially when walking through dark alleys. In case if you need to take a short breather, the bag’s brilliant TurnNLock security hook and secured zippers make it relatively convenient to latch onto a secure spot. Now, you can roam around the fort at ease without ever being mugged with these outstanding anti-theft technologies!

Museum of the Occult, Connecticut
If you’re a fan of The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror, chances are you might recognize this peculiar place. Owned by America’s controversial ghostbusters Ed and Lorraine Warren, this museum is home to hundreds of eccentric ornaments and artifacts including magic mirrors, shadow books and disturbing voodoo dolls from all over world – each with its discrete demonic past. The 65-year-old establishment is nestled in the couple’s Connecticut home basement and it is opened to public.
Pro tip: As you will be heading down a tiny space, the Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS25 Anti-Theft Cross Body & Hip Purse makes a great option for this visit. This lightweight bag’s TurnNLock security hook keeps your belongings safe at all times. As an alternative and an added precaution, you can even wear this cross body bag as a stylish hip pouch! Its zippered front pocket and secured zip tabs provide complete protection and perhaps, prevent one from picking up unwanted items by accident.

Bell Witch Cave, Tennessee
Call it a folklore if you will, the Bell Witch haunting remains as one of the country’s classic paranormal occurrences. It is believed that the Bell Witch — formerly known as Kate Batts — was demonic spirit that tormented farmer John Bell and his family for four years since they moved in 1817. When he died, the Bell Witch left the premises and was later sighted in a dark cave close to the Bell residence — which was eventually demolished for safety reasons. Nonetheless, the cave is now open for visits and guests are welcomed to also enjoy the Bell farm scenic land.
Pro tip: While you are out on thisroad trip adventure, carry the Pacsafe Citysafe™ LS75 Anti-Theft Cross Body Travel Bag. You won’t have to worry about any travel theft with its advanced and reinforced anti-theft technologies, which encompass the TurnNLock security hook, eXomesh® slashguard and Carrysafe® slashguard strap to keep your bag intact. This spacious mini cross body bag allows you to explore the terrain without fear – armed with top-notch RFID blocking and hidden compartments to secure your significant gears from being stolen.
With this adventurous list above, you can guarantee a safe and excitingAmerican road tripthis summer with the Pacsafe Citysafe Collection. So, buckle up and brace yourselves for the ultimate uncanny excursion.

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