February 01, 2017 2 min read

Valentine’s Day. A time to appreciate the ones we love and care. For most, finding the perfectValentine’s Day gift can be a daunting task. Showing someone how much you appreciate them with a gift is not an easy feat to achieve. Luckily, we have a fewValentine’s Day gift ideas to help you create a special moment with your loved ones.
Valentine’s Gift for Him
If you’re stuck, surprise him with aPacsafe RFIDsafe™ TEC bifold wallet with some cash in it. A good wallet is important, and gifting him a safe and secure wallet would show how much you care.
If you’re pressed for time, place a gift card to his favourite coffee outlet or clothing store in it. Although it’s simple, it’s a great gift that he will appreciate. Provided that you have more time, try to find small tech gadgets you know he can use and fit in his wallet. Whether it’swireless earphones or a magnetic charger, a functional piece of tech would make for a perfectValentine’s gift for him.
Valentine’s Gift for Her
A greatValentine’s gift for her would be aPacsafe Citysafe™ CS200 anti-theft handbag. Not only is it stylish, it provides ample security when she’s on the go. Like the previous gift, the real surprise comes when she opens her bag.
For a quick and simple gift, put a dozen roses into the bag with the flowers out. Before presenting her with the gift, write date activities on 12 different notes and attach them to each rose stem. Each activity is to be carried out during the following months, giving the both of you a chance to spend more quality time with each other. For a more elaborate yet personalized gift, you could include one of theseideas.
Valentine’s Gift for Him & Her
For the ultimate gift, get your significant other a pair of tickets to a holiday destination they’ve never experienced before. A romantic getaway always makes for a great surprise. Elevate your gift by hiding the tickets in aPacsafe Vibe Anti-theft 40L backpack along with a scratch map to kickstart an adventurous journey ahead.
One thing to keep in mind is thatValentine’s Day gifts should come from the heart to reflect how much you care for your loved ones. Now that you have some ideas, it’s time for you to start preparing your gift!

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