June 29, 2017 3 min read

With alaptop ban on planes, it’s now a good time to think about securing things in your checked baggage. Done right and you’ll be guaranteed a peace of mind to relax on the flight, disconnect from work and other distractions.
There are two main things you should consider when packing your laptop and other tech gadgets:
Protect against any bumps and knocks
A good laptop cover should be your first line of defense and we recommend the ICON Sleeve by Incase or the Laptop Sleeve Extra by Bellroy. Aside from using a sleeve, wrapping things in soft clothing like sweaters, t-shirts or even enclose it with fluffy slippers will provide some protection. If you want to go the extra mile, there’s always bubble wrap to consider.
Secondly, make sure you stow things so they won’t move around during the flight. Wedging shoes around the laptop to keep it in place is an option, or if you have aTravelsafe insert by Pacsafe you’ll be able to anchor it to a secure point and really keep things tight (more on this shortly).

Protecting against theft
Sure, travel insurers do cover you against theft, but who’s got the time to replace lost items (or worse, the data in them)? Locking your bag with a padlock is a great first step to keep things secure. But, be aware that a lot of the zippers out there can be punctured easily, using nothing more than a ballpoint pen. Pacsafe’sToursafe EXP luggage includes a puncture-resistant zipper, and even pack in a bunch of other anti-theft technology like eXomesh slashguards and a Roobar central lockdown point to prevent unwanted entry into your bag.

If you don’t want to replace the bag you own, then get aTravelsafe portable safe as it is ideal to protect the valuables inside your luggage against opportunistic thieves. They pack nice and flat and have a soft-brushed lining to avoid any scratches or scuffs on your devices. What more, the portable safe can also be used in your room, at the beach or wherever you go.

Finally, before you leave home, remember to backup your laptop on a hard drive or on the cloud. It’s always a good idea to make sure that everything is password protected as well, just in case. Oh, and make that password a little harder to crack than PASSWORD1234.
The Fort Knox Option
If you really want to go the whole hog (or have an employer that demands safety for the company’s world-domination blueprint on your laptop) then you can combine Pacsafe’sToursafe EXP Series bags with aTravelsafe portable safe. To do this, stash your laptop securely in theTravelsafe portable safe and zip it inside theToursafe bag, leaving the stainless steel cord loop accessible. After you’ve interlocked your zip pullers, loop everything onto the Roobar locking system and padlock it. If that doesn’t deter a would-be thief taking advantage of an ‘easy’ target, then nothing will.

For Those With Cameras
Sometimes you just want to bring along a camera that’s better than anything packed into your smartphone. Flights under thelaptop ban are currently allowing people to carry camera lenses on board, but camera bases need to be checked. For the photophiles among us, Pacsafe’sProtective Camera Inserts are a great way to add some security without breaking the bank. They allow extra cushioning, lock up securely and, will even fit into the25L Travelsafe portable safe for additional protection.
By putting these tips into practice, you’ll be well prepared for any kind of situation, avoid any hysteria at the airport and be able to simply kick your feet up and enjoy the flight. Now, you have the perfect excuse to take a little time off work, binge watch a TV series on board, or sink your teeth into that book you’ve been meaning to read.
Unfortunately, nothing is 100% theft proof, but at Pacsafe, we give your gear the best chance against opportunistic theft.
Safe Travels!

For more on Pacsafe’s Anti-Theft Technology check outthis page.

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