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It can happen in the blink of an eye. You set your bag down for just a minute and it’s gone, or finding out that someone has stolen something from your hotel room while you’re out exploring the city.

No matter where you are in the world, you need to keep your items safe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a camera gear or a basic pair of shoes. When something get taken from you, it will make you feel vulnerable and ruin your entire trip. Equip yourself with thePacsafe Toursafe AT21 anti-theft wheeled carry-on the next time you travel. The puncture-resistant ToughZip will protect your luggage against pilfering and forced entry by ball pen. This way, you don’t have to keep an eye on your belongings all the time.
Keep your belongings safe while traveling with these safety tips for your nomadic lifestyle.

Safeguard your possessions in the hotel room
You may think that your hotel room is safe, but do you really know who has access to your room? If you haven’t secured your possessions, they might walk away with everything. Are you really OK with that? Keep your items locked at all times withPacsafe Travelsafe® X25 anti-theft portable safe & pack insert. It only takes two seconds for someone to grab something.
Don’t let your guard down
It happens to all types of travelers. You get complacent or worry-free when you’re traveling and then out of nowhere you are a victim of theft.

You’re more likely to be targeted when visiting a busy area. Thefts happen in crowded places because you’re less likely to notice when someone bumps into you or when they’re reaching into your bag. Opt for thePacsafe Vibe 40 Anti-theft 40L carry-on backpack when you’re out sightseeing. Its PopNLock security clip, Roobar™ Sport locking system, eXomesh®© slashguard and RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket will protect your gears from pickpockets.

Be smart on the street and don’t go flashing your items or money around. The less known it is that you have valuable items, the less likely you will be targeted. Also, do not take your money out everywhere. We’ve seen people grab wallets right out of someone’s hands while buying food at a food stall stand.
Be alert of your surroundings
Be a smart traveler; don’t be charmed or distracted by anyone on the street. He is trying to get your attention away from his friend who is picking your pocket. The same goes for people asking where something is. A map can be a great distraction for them to reach into your pockets.
Make sure your camera or video camera is strapped down to you or keep them in yourPacsafe Camsafe® Z2 anti-theft compact camera bag , so there’s no chance for anyone to grab it and run. Same goes for your bags. Sling bags are targeted more because they pull-off easy.
Travel with a friend
Try the buddy system. Solo travelers get targeted more because there’s only one of them. If you have a partner with you, you are less likely to be preyed upon.
Tell us what security measures you take to keep your items safe while traveling in the comment box below!
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