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Raise your hand if you love a good film! Popular movies like Eat, Pray, Love and Lord of the Rings have inspired many to travel abroad, with film enthusiasts flocking to Bali and New Zealand to walk down familiar roads and relive their favorite movie moments.
Here are some film-inspiredmovie locations everyone should visit at least once in their life.

Mamma Mia, Skiathos, Greece
Remember the glittering ocean views and the cluster of cliff-side buildings? Skiathos is an island on the Aegean Sea; it’s famously known for its beaches, old harbor and buzzing night-life. Some of the island attractions to explore include chartering a sailboat, visiting one of the many monasteries and hiking to the medieval ruins of Kastro.

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A quick two-hour airplane ride from Skiathos is another stunning Greek island to visit. I arrived at Mykonos at sunrise and immediately lost my breath at the sight of the gorgeous landscape and the glowing white-washed buildings peppering all over the hills.
It was there that I discovered the reason for the design of those famous hillside clusters of white abodes. It was designed to confuse pirates and other enemies. With twisty roads, maze-like streets, and white structures that look similar to each other, pirates would get lost in the hills and would not be able to make it back to their boats with the stolen loots easily.
Sound of Music, Salzburg, Austria
Who doesn’t want to twirl along the Austrian countryside or hum Edelweiss in the Nonnberg Abbey? That said, Salzburg is more than the Von Trapp Family sites, as it offers old world charm to travelers. Visit castles and fortresses from another era and be transported as you walk through the enchanting cathedrals.

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Salzburg is also famous for its Bavarian Mountains and salt mines. The kids will definitely enjoy touring the mines. While you’re there, be sure to slide down the steep wooden slides that take you deep into the dark mines. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!
50 First Dates, Oahu, Hawaii
Island life in Hawaii is as unique as it’s beautiful. You get a glimpse of it in the movie, but seeing it first hand is nothing less than a jaw-dropping experience. From the tall mountain ridges of the Ko’olau Mountain range that split the island in half to the warm, clear water bridges, this island is nothing short of a paradise.

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Don’t miss the chance of swimming around the reefsof Hanauma Bay. In this tourist hot-spot, you can snorkel with a multitude of colorful fish in shallow, calm water. Bring your underwater cameras to capture all the aquatic wildlife!
Jaws, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
Located on a tiny Massachusetts island south of Cape Cod – accessible only by boat or air – this is New England’s summer favorite. With Gothic cottages, lighthouses and boating options galore, the potential for summer romance is high here. Enjoy this quaint water town when the weather is warm.  

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Beauty and the Beast, London and Surrey in south-east England
It’s hard to believe that the fairytale setting in this movie was not entirely created in a studio set, right? Farmlands, charming countryside views, medieval fortresses, and estates pepper the Surrey area. With the urban London cityscape nearby, you have a wealth of options to experience here.
Game of Thrones: Croatia, Dalmatian Coast
Die-hard fans have been making the trek to the Dalmatian Coast to experience the sites first-hand. Along the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, the largest city in this region is Split.We recently took a luxury cruise through this area! History oozes from every panoramic view throughout this picturesque region. It is truly a one-of-a-kind trip for travelers of all ages.

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We recommend viewing this majestic city from the hills. Our favorite coffee shop, Teraca Vidilica, in Split sits right on top of Marjan Hill. It’s a short 15 to 20-minute hike from old town, but you won’t regret it. Sip a cup of cappuccino at sunset while taking in gorgeous views of the city and the harbor. You will feel like you’re in the series of your own.
By Samantha
Samantha loves exploring new countries and getting lost in them. If she could, she would move to a different country every year and spend the year traveling around to learn everything that she can.  Follow her adventurehere.

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