What is Bleisure Travel and How Do You Do It?

July 14, 2016 2 min read

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Never mix business with pleasure.
At least that’s how the saying goes. However, a new generation of travellers are taking that old axiom and turning it on its head. And it’s called Bleisure, or business-leisure. Some sites may also refer it to it as a Bizcation, or business-vacation

What it is

So what is Bleisure? At its core, it’s simply taking advantage of your business trip to squeeze in some “me” time. The most common example? Weeklong international conferences. Some conference-goers choose to extend their stay after the conference ends, turning their business trips into a mini vacation.
What’s changed about this trend is that we’re seeing a higher number of single professionals and couples taking advantage of such business trips. This is made possible due to the digital revolution, as remote working allows employees to work anywhere. So instead of having to take vacation days to accompany your partner, possible due to the digital revolution, as remote working allows employees to work anywhere. So instead of having to take vacation days to accompany your partner.

Planning a Bleisure trip

Turning your business trip into a bleisure trip is simple. Just add an extra two days to your business trip, preferably after all your meetings are settled, and then explore your chosen city!  For conference goers, check if your hotel has such bleisure packages (it’s a growing trend, especially among 5-star conference hotels) where they will often toss in additional freebies and WiFi connection for you staying beyond the conference dates. Smaller hotels and boutiques will also reward you for staying more than 3 nights. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deals!
Tip: If you’re in a completely new city, here’swhy you should consider a tour guide to make the most of your trip!

Packing for a Bleisure trip

Perhaps one of the least talked-about areas of bleisure trips is what to pack and what to wear. On one hand, you will need to look professional, especially when meeting clients and attending conferences. On the other, you do want to enjoy exploring the city, especially if youend up in a cool city off the beaten track.
The answer is to dress the part (somethingwe’ve covered before)! Choose slightly more formal/business-type outfits that you can “deconstruct” to add a touch of fun, such as a business suit with a colourful shirt instead of a plain white one, so you can leave the blazer at home and head out straight for your night out. For ladies, keep it simple during the day and dress it up with some chunky jewellry at night to add a casual touch for your after-hours look!
 To go easily from business to leisure, we also recommend grabbing the Instasafe collection. They look businesslike but are also sturdy and rugged for your vacation needs. Plus, we admit, we like the many segmented pockets and RFID-compartment of theInstasafe Z200. It’s perfect for your business security needs while allowing easy access for your vacation needs. If you need extra some extra space (especially if you have a laptop!), switch to the roomierInstasafe Z500instead!
Tip: Follow these steps toensure stress-free packing!

So, have you planned your next Bleisure trip?

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