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In case you haven’t noticed, summer vacation is almost over. If you’ve been nothing but a couch potato this entire time, we suggest you go out and bring summer to a bittersweet end this Labor Day weekend. Here are 4 favorite labor day getawaysyou should know!

Finger Lakes, New York
Witness the changing of leaves while enjoy the best Riesling in town. Explore the four wine trails in the region — Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, Seneca Lake Wine Trail, Keuka Lake Wine Trail and Canandaigua Wine Trail.As fun as a wine-fuelled holiday sound, you may want to designate a non-boozy day to traverse “The Grand Canyon of the East” — Letchworth State Park to Watkins Glen gorges and waterfalls.  Reaching heights as high as 600 feet, it’s safe to say the view will be worth a sober day. Just be sure to keep your belongings safe withPacsafeTravelsafe 5L Portable Safe.With its improved locking device, soft light lining to help you find & protect your valuables, convenient carry-handles and a combination lock to secure your valuables while on the go.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Birthplace of Jazz music, (no, not the kind you hear in the elevator) New Orleans is the place to be for amazing nightlife, awesome music, and fabulous cuisine. Visit great music clubs like the 21st Amendment Jazz Club at La Louisiane, which serves up a mean cocktail or put on your dancing shoes and experience Cajun dancing at the Maison. Don’t forget to try authentic Cajun dishes while you are here. A trip to New Orleans is not complete without a visit to Marie Laveau House of Voodoo. Learn all about the historical and spiritual significance of the religion and the woman who helped revive it. With a melting pot of culture, food, and music — New Orleans is one of the world’s most fascinating cities.It’s just about guaranteed that Labor Day weekend will be wild, as it draws people from around the world to join in on parties, parades, and contest for its annual Southern Decadence event.

Amelia Island, Florida
Located just off the coast of northeast Florida, the hallmark of this mildly underrated island is white sand beaches, high-end hotels, and amazing local foods, Al Fresco style (that is fancy talk for outdoor dining).  If you aren’t already sold by its beautiful beaches and delicious cuisines, there are loads of activities to be enjoyed on the island. Revel in a world-class golfing on a course designed by PGA-TOUR Veterans Mark McCumber and Gene Littler. Get up close and personal with the island’s natural beauty on a 2-hour kayak excursion. Keep your camera and valuables safe and dry withPacsafeCamsafe V5 Anti-Theft Camera Cross Body & Hip Pack, so you don’t miss a moment of your trip. Designed to fit a mirrorless system camera body, mounted lens, plus a spare, the Camsafe V5 also comes with plenty of internal organization for SD cards, travel guidebook, passport, and phone. Guard your valuables with Pacsafe’s Anti-Theft Technology with its impenetrable eXomesh slashguard material and Carrysafe slashguard strap. Deter pickpockets with lockable zippers and avoid a card scan scam with RFIDsafe blocking pockets.

Abilene, Texas
If you are looking for a greatLabor Day vacationwith the young ones, pack your bags and head to Abilene – the “Official Storybook Capital of Texas.” Go on a scavenger hunt in Texas as you wander through downtown Abilene looking for iconic statues of characters from a children’s book like the Lorax and the Dinosaur Bob. Visit the many museums and art exhibits, such as the one-of-a-kind National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature. If your kids aren’t tired yet, drop by Abilene Zoo which is home to over 1,000 animals representing 250 species. Of course, there’re plenty here for grown-ups as well. Hear first-hand accounts of World War II at the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum or tour the ghostly remains of FortPhantom Hill. All of this can be found just a few hours west of Fort Worth.

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