April 16, 2019 3 min gelesen

Easter weekend presents a unique chance for many people to have an extra long weekend away somewhere new. Because celebrations traditionally go for four days, or even more in some parts of the world, you have a little extra time to pick somewhere you have to travel to, yet still get plenty of fun time while there. So, here are five exciting places to visit this Easter in North America, Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia…

Mexico City, Mexico

A lot of people avoid Mexico City because of its massive populations and the crowds that go along with that. Well, a strange thing happens in Mexico City during Easter weekend. Many people who work in the city leave to visit their families andthings actually get less crowded. That means you can enjoy the famous city with its art, food and culture at a time that’s one of the most pleasant to visit. It’s just a short flight from LA or many other USA cities, so the only question is, when do you book?

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Newport Beach, California

Spring has well and truly kicked in by late April, and the weather in California is absolutely sublime when it comes to this month in particular. Newport Beach has the added benefit on being in the southern end of the state, offering sunshine, water activities and some amazing celebrations unique to the area. Disneyland is also just around the corner, so you have a great opportunity to entertain kids of any age with a dream day of fun.

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Bells Beach, Australia

Going to the beach is a national pass time in Australia and during Easter there’s one beach on everyone’s minds – Bells. This world surfing reserve is home to the longest running professional surfing event in the world, which is held every year over the long weekend. The surrounding coastal towns all light up with extra events, entertainment and food options to keep every member on the family happy. You’ll also fly in and out of Melbourne, which offers some incredible shopping for anyone so inclined.

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Seville, Spain

Easter time is host to the iconic Semana Santa festival in Seville. With religious origins, there are also plenty of secular activities happening in the city during the week as well. And yes, you read that right – week. This year it kicks off on Sunday the 14th of April and goes all the way through to the 21st. If you happen to have some extra leisurely time, a couple of weeks later the other big festival in Seville happens as well. The Seville Spring Festival comes with a focus on food, drink and dancing. Take a month off, take in both and tick off two famous festivals help in one amazing location.

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While the vast majority of Singapore’s population is Buddhist, the country still celebrates Good Friday as a public holiday. This means there are plenty of festivities to take in, in addition to the regular amazing sights Singapore has on offer. Head out to Sentosa Island for some aquatic fun, go shopping on Orchard Road, or enjoy a cheeky Singapore Sling at Raffles. If you run out of things to do over the 3-day long weekend, you aren’t looking hard enough.

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So, there you have it. 5 Exciting Places To Visit This Easter. Happy holidaying. Happy Easter. And, as always, Safe Travels.

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