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The capital of Argentina is one of the most stunning cities in South America, with a mix of faded European grandeur and vibrant Latin charm. Millions of tourists flock to Buenos Aires to enjoy gastronomical treats, take in extraordinary architecture and take on the steamy Tango.

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While Buenos Aires is predominantly a safe city, that’s not to say there aren’t certain spots where you should take extra precaution.Here are our top tips tostaying safe in Buenos Aires.

Be wary of the distraction methods
Thieves in Buenos Aires have become extremely crafty with their methods, and have developed a number of ways to distract tourists while robbing them. One of the more common scams is the squirt method: To catch you off guard, the thief will spill or squirt something onto you by “accident”, then offer to wipe it off or direct you to the nearest bathroom. To rub off the liquid, you might take off your backpack and set it down beside your legs. At this point, the thief will grab whatever he or she can get and run off.

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Don’t wander off the beaten path
There are places we’d encourage you to explore in Buenos Aires, but the neighborhood of La Boca isn’t one of them. Stay on the touristy streets – soak up everything they have to offer as these are the interesting parts of La Boca anyway. Avoid wandering off to the side streets, which can be rather sketchy.

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Stay in a nightlife neighborhood

Besides getting to enjoy the best nightlife in Buenos Aires, you can also walk safely at night without having any worries – there are policemen patrolling around these areas, so you’ll definitely be safe. We suggest staying either in Palermo, Recoleta or the Belgrano area, and try avoiding visiting Once or LA Bocas at night as these are considered as some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

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Carry only the cash you need
Here’s what most tourists don’t know about Argentina: A lot of places – be it shops, cafes or restaurants – don’t accept cards, and many of these vendors often offer discounts for cash payments too. So you’re better off carrying cash as a general rule of thumb.

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But if possible, break your day into segments, and only take as much cash as you need. For good measure, store your money in yourPacsafe Vibe 100 Anti-Theft Hip Pack. It allows quick access to all your essentials and not to mention, it’s packed with anti-theft features, too! Its Roobar™ sport locking system helps deter pickpockets, making it harder for them to steal your items without raising attention. It’s also equipped with the eXomash® slashguard and Carrysafe™ slashguard strap to protect against cut and run theft.

Be aware of taxi scams
Like any big city with an abundance of tourists, there are bound to be a few taxi drivers who live on ripping off tourists. Counterfeit bill swapping, taking a few extra laps around the block, running the meter fast, pretending to be confused about the payment – you name it. When hailing a cab, look out for Radio Taxi, the most well-known company, with drivers unlikely to pull any of these notorious acts.

Safeguard your bag
If you’re taking public transport, you will notice that most locals wear their backpacks on the front. Not only does this help to make space on a crowded train or bus, it also helps you to keep an eye on your belongings.

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But if you’re looking for a much safer way to store your travel essentials, carry thePacsafe Metrosafe LS350 15L Backpackwith you. It comes with internal compartments and anti-theft security features, such as a lockable zipper and Lockabout™ security clip to keep your zipper locked and secure. You can also store your credit cards in its RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket.
Now that you’re equipped with these tips, you can go out and enjoy your holiday in Buenos Aires completely carefree!

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