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Finding fresh, compelling perspectives of cities can be hard, even for experienced photographers. Here are some quick-firephotography tips to help you with your next photo shoot.

Get there early
The best time to capture apicture-perfect photograph is in the morning. Most photographers are fond of the first light because when the sun is heading upwards, shadows tend to be softer, making the picture more alluring. Besides, exploring the city in the morning also helps to keep people out of your shots.

Challenge your perspective
Got afamous landmark you want to add to your portfolio? Then you need to be a little more creative about your shot. I can guarantee that everyone and their mother or kids have taken a picture of it at eye-level. What’s more, Google Street View probably has the same photo too. Challenge yourself to find a new vantage point togive the landmark a new light to it. Find a rooftop or climb a tree, the possibilities are endless. Do whatever it takes to make it fresh.

Be patient
Practice, practice, and practice. The truth is, you’re going to take some bad photos before you get it right. Patience is the key to quality. If you want tocapture the perfect shot, you might even need to wait for crowds to clear out or walk out of your shot before you hit the shutter button. But it will happen eventually, don’t worry.

Don’t be afraid of those manual settings
Play with your ISO, aperture and shutter speed. You’re shooting digital – that means you can always delete the bad ones. Elevate the look of your photos by playing with your depth of field. Here’s a tip: Shallow depth of field is almost always more professional looking. You can achieve this by opening your aperture, zooming in (on variable length lenses), or even by physically moving closer to your subject.

Go cheap on the camera, splurge on the glass
When it comes tocameras,most DSLRs are pretty similar. As long as the functions are there, you’re good. But not all lenses are created equal! The 18-55mm lens most cameras come with is a good utility lens butinvest in a good zoom lens and a wider (but not fisheye) lens if you can. For instance, our Canon EOS Rebel T5 costed us as much as our little point and shoot camera, but the lenses really bumped up our quality.
Protect your gear
Put some insurance on your gear. But even with that, losing your gear is a bummer. Get yourself agreat camera bag like thePacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft Camera & 15” Laptop Backpack. With features like convenient camera compartments, lockable zippers, slashguard technology and more, you can roam with peace of mind so you put all your focus into capturing the city!
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