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Sometimes you want to head out in the world light and free – especially when traveling.The new Pacsafe Transit® collection has been designed to be like a wearable backpack that keeps you cozy on everyday adventures around the city and even helps you enjoy a bag free airport transit. With a swathe of invisible pockets to fit everything from your phone, wallet, passport, sunglasses, headphones, pen and more, you can adapt at ease having your essentials on body and on hand. Every piece is made from antibacterial Polygiene® fabric so you can wear more and wash less, meaning extra time can be spent on adventures. Strategically placed, washable RFIDsafe™ pockets also keep your cards and ID shielded from potential scan scams. It’s all about being more than a passenger in your travels. Be the pilot.

Here’s a quick look at each style…

The Transit Hoodie (available in ladies and mens)

There’s nothing quite like flipping your hood up and feeling cozy as you cruise through the airport. This style makes things even better by letting you store your passport in a hidden RFIDsafe pocket to protect it against unwanted scans, yet still have in easy reach. When going through a security checkpoint, simply zip it off and run it through your X-Ray with your wallet, passport, sunglasses, keys and more all safe inside. Easy, hassle free and faster than shoving everything into your backpack as you line up.

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The Transit Pant (available in ladies and mens)

The comfort of traveling in a fleece pant with the added benefit of a classic color and cut that has you looking together – rather than still hanging out in your PJs. The zip pockets store plenty of essentials, including an RFID safe pocket to slide your passport into.

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The Transit Jacket (available in mens only)

All the benefits of the hoody, with a cut that’s at home in casual business meetings. The design of this can have you strolling straight out of the airport and into catch ups where you still need to present a professional front.

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The best thing about this collection is it’s not just for travel either. Hit the inner city knowing your gear is with you and hidden, without needing a backpack. Head down to the beach and if the sea breeze kicks in you’re all prepared – with your things on hand to boot. Lighten your life, with Pacsafe Transit.

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By Tim Hawken



Tim Hawken is an Australian writer who enjoys surfing, Indian food and romantic midnight strolls to the beer fridge. He has clocked up visits to 23 countries on 5 continents (and counting). Find out more about his weird world by heading tohis website, or following him onInstagram andTwitter.

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