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When traveling, you want to keep safe. Obviously, personal safety is number one, so it’s a good idea to travel to places that are high on the Global Peace Index. These are countries that rank well in political stability, have low violent crime rates and are generally places where you feel at ease in the streets.

But surprisingly, quite a few safe countries still rank highly when it comes to theft.

Here are 10 amazing destinations you’ll feel safe heading to, especially if you take a little extra peace of mind with you in lockable luggage and anti-theft backpacks.



The land of beautiful blonde people, massages, and meatballs. Sweden is one of Scandinavia’s jewels and weirdly sits at #1 of the most thefts per capita globally, according to UN statistics. That should absolutely not stop you from going there though. The shopping in Stockholm is fantastic, skiing in winter is divine and during summer it has some of the best hiking in the world. Just make sure you take your trusty portable safe with you, especially if you’re staying in a backpackers or Airbnb.

The Netherlands

Morning in Amsterdam

Tulips, windmills and wooden clogs. Those are probably three things that spring to mind when someone says Holland. You might also think Amsterdam – known for its wild mix of classic art, relaxing canals, legal weed cafes and world-famous red light district. Go for the culture, experience the sights and pack some peace of mind with you.


Consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in South America, this haven is known for its lush flora, beautiful coastline, and art deco architecture. Uruguay would have to be one of our top picks for Latin countries to visit, but make sure you’re prepared for pickpockets by taking bags with zip clips and lockable security.


Denmark is the doorway to Scandinavia and has a rich history from Vikings to current-day royalty. Your first stop should be Copenhagen, which is full of museums, galleries, trendy bars and the iconic Tivoli Gardens. Make sure you also hit the countryside to go castle hunting, or even head to the Faroe Islands for some maritime adventures.


Another Scandinavian country that’s full of fjords, glaciers and phenomenal hiking. Norway is also home to the Lofoten islands: a place that’s become popular with surfers in recent years because of its epic surf and midnight sunshine during summer. You can stay in the water all day (and night) if you can bear the cold waters of the Arctic circle.


The Northern Lights, Finland

One of the best places on the planet to view the Northern Lights. Head up north, rent out a place with a glass roof and enjoy one of the true wonders this world has to offer. When you’re in Helsinki, enjoy galleries, the design district, and maybe a little ice hockey. Just make sure you’re smart with your gear as this is where you’re more likely to encounter opportunistic theft.


World’s safest people, world’s most dangerous animals. Australia might have a reputation for its deadly wildlife, but it constantly sits in the top 20 safest places to visit in the world. It has some of the most untouched wilderness areas you’re likely to see, incredible surf beaches and lots of delicious craft beer. The cities do have some issues with theft, especially in the key areas of Sydney and Melbourne. But, that’s nothing to stop you enjoying yourself. Crocodiles are mostly harmless too, as long as you don’t get within 20ft of one.


France has sunk a little lower on the global peace index in recent years because of terrorism risk, but it has one of the liveliest cultures you could ever hope to experience. The art, food and wine cannot be beaten anywhere in the world. Paris continues to be the capital of romance. Cannes still has one of the most incredible film festivals in the world. Viva La France.


Another small country that sits high in theft rate, but is ranked consistently as one of the safest countries to visit for tourists. Being an island nation, make sure you enjoy the beaches of Malta, some boating and the stunning cliff formations. It’s also one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones, so head on a tour and pick out the spots you’ve seen on the screen.


Last, but not least on our list. Beer, waffles, and diamonds are three things Belgium is famous for. The medieval city Bruges is a must see, especially if you’re a fan of European history, or the movie starring Colin Farrell. Again, pickpockets can be an issue so keep your wallet in a hidden pouch and your anti-theft backpack handy, to keep your gear safe while you soak up the sights.

By Tim Hawken



Tim Hawken is an Australian writer who enjoys surfing, Indian food and romantic midnight strolls to the beer fridge. He has clocked up visits to 23 countries on 5 continents (and counting). Find out more about his weird world by heading to his website, or following him on Instagram and Twitter.

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