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While traveling, it can be difficult to find a relaxing trip that can deliver the cultural and scenic sights. Fortunately, there is a way for you to explore new places while having some R&R time – River Cruises! Going on a river cruise is a unique way for you to delve into a country’s culture without having to rush through it. Here is a list of 5 of the best river cruises you can visit for a fully immersive experience!
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Art and History merge into one withRiviera Travel’s Swiss Ruby. This 8-day round-trip from Paris will dazzle you with exquisite artworks and architecture from the likes of Impressionist painters and Richard the Lionheart. Whether it’s a tour through the castle remains of King Richard’s Château Gaillard in Les Andelys or the cathedral that holds the embalmed heart of a fearless warrior in Rouen, you’ll be able to experience historic art at its fullest!
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Spring is all about nature being reborn, and a great way to admire it is by cruising through the Dutch and Belgian waterways! From the lush, green countryside of Kinderdijk to the spectacular tulip carpets in Keukenhof, this 7-nightAma Waterways cruise holds fantastic sights not to be missed! You’ll also be able to visit the medieval cities of Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Ghent to experience the cultural traditions of the friendly Dutch and Flemish people.
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For those who are looking for a more active river cruise adventure, you’re in for a treat!Avalon Waterways has new Active Discovery cruises on the Danube that include ballroom dancing classes in Vienna, cycling in Budapest and hiking in Danube-Ipoly National Park in Hungary. This exciting 9-day trip brings you closer to the people and places along the Danube from Linz to Budapest, in the most active, engaged and fun ways imaginable.
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If you’re looking for a longer trip, then venture through Vietnam’s cultural centres, natural wonders and fast-paced cities before cruising upstream along the mighty Mekong withWendy Wu Tours’ 21-day cruise! The Mekong Pandaw follows a well-trodden route but has a new diversion to Kratie for a boat trip into a national park to see river dolphins. Be prepared to experience beautiful wonders from Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, to a boat tour of the mysterious Ha Long Bay, to the must-see temples of Angkor Wat.
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Elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes and hippos await you onNoble Caledonia’s 12-day African cruise, which includes a three-night safari, on the Zambezi Queen as she sails along the Chobe River through one of the most game-rich regions in Africa. Small boat safaris get you closer to the wildlife, as you visit villages, go on fishing trips, and experience birdwatching. If the wildlife isn’t enough, the hotel and lodge stays at Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Cape Town and Victoria Falls will complete the tour.
With a whole list of cruises for you to explore, plan your next trip and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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