Best Travel Destination Recommendations For The New Year

Travel is one of the big goals for many people coming into a new year. We are no exception. Everyone at Pacsafe is always keen to get out in the world and enjoy new cultures, food, and experiences. With that in mind we asked a few of our top travel bugs for their best travel destination recommendations for 2019. They also included their favorite bag to take on the trip.

Enjoy and hopefully get some ideas for your own globe-trotting adventure…

Sri Lanka – Alison Hanko, Global Marketing Director

I’m going to Sri Lanka in Chinese New Year and can’t wait. It’s close to Hong Kong where I live and I’ve always wanted to go. The food is supposed to be amazing, it seems really relaxing and I really want to do the Kandy to Badulla train ride, which looks just stunning. We’ve booked a good mix of beaches, some time in a safari tent to hopefully see elephants in the wild (not that horrible park). It’s also a little off the beaten track but not too much. So some fun adventure.

For my bag, I’ll most likely take thePacsafe x Quiksilver 40L Carry On Pack because it has the built-in wet pack for my bikinis. It’s also a great size for a week-long trip in a warm climate. I can fit everything I need in there and keep it light. I love that bag. I’ve traveled with it before and it’s really good.

Japan – Ben Barras, Creative Director

Japan is definitely my best travel destination recommendation. That’s one of my favorite places to go anywhere in the world. The culture, the streets, the architecture, the inspiration you get from all of that is amazing. The food. It’s where I’m most planning to go. Tokyo obviously, but also visiting the mountains. You can go snowboarding, which I haven’t done for years.

I have a Vibe 25L Backpack which you can pack a lot in, it’s a great one. Such a good size. The thing I like most about it is that it’s compact, but still fits plenty in. I’ll pair that up with a larger travel bag for the rest of my things and use the backpack to get around day to day.

Berlin – Phil Hayes, Executive VP of Global Design

For me, it’s definitely Berlin. I’ve never been, so have already booked it in. Why? I have friends from Berlin who are going to meet us there and show us around. I’m particularly excited about the fashion, which I hear is pretty full on. Also the art galleries and history. Food, nightlife. Everything I’ve heard about Berlin is pretty cool, so I’m going to suck as much as I can out of it. WGSN had the Berlin shopping list that came out recently, so I’m going to follow that through as well.

Bag wise, it will be the Quiksilver x Pacsafe collab bag. It’s the25 Litre Anti-Theft Backpack. It’s normally my go-to bag for city trips because super easy to lock on the plane and in bars, and it’s just the right amount of space.

Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road – Marcus Johnsson, VP of Design

At Pacsafe I’m surrounded by Australians in the office, even though we are in Hong Kong. I keep hearing how fantastic Melbourne and surroundings are a lot, so I’m planning a trip there with my wife and kids to meet up with my best friend. We’ll then go on a road trip down The Great Ocean Road. It’s going to be really cool. You get a vibrant city with lots of art, then some natural beauty and relaxation along the coast. And clean air.

For that trip, I’ll be taking theVenturesafe EXP luggage. They’re perfect for fitting a lot in, but also able to get easily in and out of a car. The solid wheels on them also mean I can move it around on gravel, or grass, or carpets. Those bags will be key for all three of us who are going.

Oregon Coast – Allison Hopstad, E-Comm Manager

In Seattle after winter when the weather finally starts to turn warmer, we love to head down to the Oregon coast. We always stop for a break in Astoria to grab lunch, but our favorite place to stay for a long weekend is Cannon Beach. A cozy inn on the water is perfect for relaxation, and in colder months we always grab pizza from downtown and cuddle up by the fire. Walking down to the ocean shore, the wind is crisp but not too cold, and strolling along the water is perfect for kids and dogs!

My favorite bag for a quick weekend getaway is the Vibe 40, since I can wear it as a backpack and easily get in and out of it during road trips – the external pockets make it easy to stash what I need to be able to grab quickly. It perfectly fits a couple changes of clothes and extra pair of shoes, along with my laptop if I need to work on something on the way.


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