Find Yourself In Asia: Top Getaways for Solo Travel

Januar 12, 2017 3 min gelesen

Skip the New Year resolution and pack your bags – it’s time to take asolo vacationand find yourself in Asia!
Why go solo? Traveling on your own offers a rare chance of solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of daily city living. Even if all you’re planning areweekend solo getaways, traveling alone can boost your confidence and improve your ability to take on new challenges.
Of course, this leads us to the most important question:
What are thebest places to travel solo?
We’ve got you covered! Beginning this month, follow our “Find Yourself In…” series to discover thebest places to travel alone in the world. This month we’re exploring the best spots to begin discover yourself in Asia. Let’s go!
Restore Your Body and Mind in Bali
Bali’s stature as a tropical paradise is one that needs no introduction, and its reputation as a refuge for both lovers and the broken-hearted was well-documented in the film “Eat, Pray, Love.” It’s the ideal spring getaway for adventure lovers and solitude-seekers, making it one of the most popularsolo vacation spots.
Begin your mornings with an ashtanga yoga session overlooking the rich, verdant rice fields in Ubud, followed by a nourishing vegetarian meal. Spend the rest of your day exploring the town or simply taking a walk in the fields. Alternatively, you could catch the morning waves in Kuta or Legian and surf to your heart’s content before joining one of Bali’s infamous beach parties later at night!
Tip: Make thePacsafe Venturesafe™ EXP65 Anti-theft 65L travel pack your companion as you explore Bali! It keeps your things organized, with additional slots to carry your yoga mat. For surfers, it also comes with a stainless steel locking cable to keep your pack securely attached to a tree while you surf.
Explore The Past and Future in Japan
Japan is known to be one of the safest countries in the world, making it a popularfemale solo travel destination. It is also a country that prizes its ancient heritage highly, even while keeping an eye on the future with its focus on technology.
Begin your journey by booking a temple stay in historical Kyoto, and meditate on the ephemeral beauty of nature under blooming sakura trees. Discover how the past is gracefully preserved for future generations in nearby Himeji and Nara. For a change of pace, take a bullet train to Tokyo! Stop by futuristic Akihabara for a glimpse into the future and then visit Sensō-ji to get your fortune told. While you’re in Tokyo, why not take the chance to try a completely new style by dressing like a local?
Tip: Your best solo companion would be the new  Pacsafe Vibe 40 Anti-theft 40L carry-on backpack! This multipurpose backpack features back support, padded adjustable straps and a spacious main compartment, making it the perfect bag to switch between city living and countryside exploration on your solo exploration.
Nourish Your Soul In Bhutan
Bhutan is perhaps known as one of the happiest countries in the world. Its focus on ensuring its people’s happiness with its Gross National Happiness has led to extensive protection of its cultural history and natural resources. Its adherence to Buddhist values makes it one of the most unique spiritual destinations for enlightenment,as we mentioned before.
Visiting Bhutan is one of thosetrips to take alone. It’ll also require advance planning, as entry into the country is controlled to prevent mass tourism from affecting the country negatively. Unlike our other destinations, a visit to Bhutan isn’t just to experience a different culture or nature at her best. It is to experience a way of life so deeply integrated with the land, it seems almost inseparable from its people. To quote a Bhutanese diplomat, it is a land of “short distances, but long drives”. But it is within that distance that one may find themselves.
Tip: Pack lightly and compactly with thePacsafe Venturesafe™ X30 anti-theft adventure backpack. Its built-in raincover, aluminium support backpanel and stowaway hip belt is well-suited to the rugged landscape of Bhutan, regardless of whether you’re going hiking or simply exploring its towns.
So, how and where will you find yourself today?

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