Twice a year, Pacsafe work to release their newest developments in anti-theft travel solutions. This post is an overview of the latest collections for Spring/Summer 18, including where they fit into your everyday adventures or journeys to the far-flung corners of the planet.
Executive VP of Product, Phil Hayes, also provides the inside scoop on why these styles exist and how they’ll help you do more, be more and see more.
There’s something for the ladies, something for the guys and something for those who like to get wet while their gear stays dry…  

Venturesafe X

The official collection description for Venturesafe X goes a little something like this:
Designed with an explorer’s heart the Venturesafe™ X series lets you take on the world, knowing your gear is safe wherever the winds take you. Combining award-winning technology with decades of travel experience these styles are made to be the perfect companion on the road. Safe Travels. Hi Adventure.
“This is a unisex line for hiking adventures, or for city exploration,” says Phil. “They build on the success of our ever popular X series using many of our patented technologies, including PopNLock security clips and the Roobar Sport locking system.”
In short: Venturesafe X is a high-end collection for adventurers who want top-quality gear without compromises.
New styles in the collection include the Venturesafe™X waist pack, Venturesafe™ X sling pack, Venturesafe™ X12 backpack and Venturesafe™ X18 backpack. Shop the collectionhere.

Pacsafe Dry

The official Pacsafe Dry collection description goes a little something like this:
Enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind. The Pacsafe Dry collection protects against the elements and potential opportunistic theft. Combining our trusted anti-theft features with water-resistant construction they are the first bags of their kind to offer all-round adventure security.
“Many of our team grew up on the beach and live lifestyles based around water,” says Phil. “No one out there was offering bags that give some security against splashes and spills, as well as potential theft. So, we built something that combines water-resistance with the anti-theft technology Pacsafe is famous for. They’re super popular among our crew. We hope others with a similar mindset are as stoked as we are about them.”
In short: This range is for people who adventure in and around the water and need some extra protection for their gear.
An entirely new collection, styles include the Pacsafe Dry 15L Portable Safe, Pacsafe Dry 25L Backpack, Pacsafe Dry 36L Beach Bag and Pacsafe Dry Stash Bag. Shop the collectionhere.


The official Stylesafe collection description goes a little something like this:
Sophisticated styling meets anti-theft technology, the Stylesafe series is for creative professionals that need to move between work and play without missing a beat. Clean lines and classic colors pair with exposed metal highlights to compliment any well put together outfit, while patented eXomesh material, slash guard straps and zipper clips protect against opportunistic thieves. From the boardroom to the boardwalk keep cool with Stylesafe.
“We designed these bags for everyday use with vibrant, professional females mind,” says Phil. “They have classic looks with some extra detailing, all paired with our anti-theft solutions to deliver peace of mind while on the go.”
In short: this collection is for women who need an anti-theft bag that can adapt between the office, cafe meetups or city street strolls, looking good all the while.
A completely new collection, styles include the Stylesafe Crossbody, Stylesafe Sling Backpack, Stylesafe Convertible Crossbody, Stylesafe Backpack, Stylesafe Tote. Shop the collectionhere.


The official Transit collection description goes a little something like this:
Sometimes you want to head out in the world light and free. The Pacsafe Transit® collection lets you embrace the day in your favorite jacket and pants, without baggage to weigh you down. Designed with a swathe of invisible pockets to fit everything from your phone, wallet, passport, sunglasses and more, you’ll be able to adapt at ease having your essentials on-body and on hand. From hidden-alley explorations to secret-valley hikes, it’s all possible in timeless styling and ‘black is the new black’coloring. Every piece is made from antibacterial Polygiene® fabric so you can wear more and wash less, meaning extra time can be spent on adventures. Strategically placed, washable RFIDsafe™ pockets also keep your cards and ID shielded from potential scan scams. Be more than a passenger in your travels. Be the pilot. Lighten your life, with Pacsafe Transit.
“When I started at Pacsafe I saw a real need for carry solutions that were built into clothing,” says Phil. “Using over 20 years’ experience in apparel and even more years getting on and off planes, we designed this line for a smooth travel experience: from leaving the house to arriving at your destination and having all you need for your trip close at hand all inside your clothing. It’s like a backpack you wear.”
In short: the Transit collection is for travelers who want to move through the airport, and stay agile beyond it, with all of their essential gear stored safely on-body.
A new collection, styles include a men’s Hoodie, Jacket, and Pant, plus a women’s Hoodie and Pant. Shop the collectionhere.


The official collection description goes a little something like this:
Keep things safe and stay casual. The Daysafe collection is for the young at heart who want fun times, no fuss and value for money. With sporty looks that fit into an everyday setting and entry-level security that protects where you need it most, these bags are perfect for maintaining a carefree attitude. Sling one over your shoulder and get out in the world.
“The Daysafe series was an opportunity for us to offer some more affordable women’s bags that still have some extra security features,” says Phil. “So, we created these all-day looks that also contain basic anti-theft options to offer peace of mind at an amazing price.”
In short: for women who want some security in their everyday bag at the best value possible.
Another totally new collection, styles include the Daysafe Tech Crossbody, Daysafe Slim Crossbody, Daysafe Crossbody, Daysafe Backpack, Daysafe Passport Wallet and Daysafe Trifold Wallet. Shop the full collectionhere.

That’s the latest from us here at Pacsafe. Of course, our classic favorites are also still in the range, so head to our store to find yourself an anti-theft carry solution to suit your personal needs. Stay tuned for a more detailed breakdown of each of these collections above, including why each style was designed and how it helps you do more, be more and see more.
By Tim Hawken

Tim Hawken is an Australian writer who enjoys surfing, Indian food and romantic midnight strolls to the beer fridge. He has clocked up visits to 23 countries on 5 continents (and counting). Find out more about his weird world by heading tohis website, or following him onInstagram andTwitter.

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