September 21, 2016 2 min gelesen

Using smartphone overseas
There is no doubt that smartphones have completely changed the way we travel. Cumbersome paper maps have been replaced by a Google Maps app, bulky cameras have been replaced by our smartphone, and now, people have access to the internet 24/7, no matter where they are.
Although smartphones have definitely made travel easier, there is a certainsmartphone etiquette that must be followed if you want to avoid angering your fellow travellers. Here are some top tips to follow while using yoursmartphone abroad:
Follow these smartphone etiquette and no worries

Keep your Head up!

No one wants to be bumped into while your head is buried in your smartphone! Especially if you are loaded up with luggage trying to find your hotel. If you need to check a location or your emails, move to the side of the sidewalk or find a corner to gather your information before continuing on.

Be Careful who you Photograph

While buildings and monuments are usually always fair game, when it comes to photographing other people it is always best to ask. People are not props and seeking someone’s permission before photographing them is always the best way to go. This is especially true when traveling through places with cultures that are different than your own.

Selfie Stick Etiquette!

Many museums and attractions have started banning selfie sticks due to accidents or potential damage that a careless selfie stick handler can cause. Make sure to follow the specific rules of each place you visit and if you are using a smartphone with a selfie stick, be sure to observe the people around you so that you are not hitting anyone in the head or obstructing their view.
There are many ways to use smartphones, but this is not one of them

Pay Attention to People First

When it comes to traveling, the real benefit is having human interaction and connection. Don’t get so absorbed in your smartphone that you end up spending your whole trip without getting to know the locals or other people who you are traveling with. This becomes especially true if you are doing a group tour where human interaction is definitely key to making your trip enjoyable! You don’t want to end up packing your bags and realising that you spent your whole trip with your nose in your phone!
Most importantly, backup the photos and information on your phone and make sure you have a safe place to store it when you are not using it! Our smartphones tend to hold our whole world and one of the fastest ways for a trip to go downhill is to lose it in a foreign place-along with all the information inside!
Safe travels, everyone!
Silvana is a singlemom traveling the world with her son from Montreal, Canada. She blogs passionately about travel, Montreal and basketball, in that order. Follow her stylish adventures on Single Mom Travel Style now!

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