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Everyone who loves to travel wishes they can do it more often or for longer but for some reason, think it’s unattainable. But I say: If there’s a will, there’s a way and I’m living proof. I’ve used numerous methods to live abroad and travel longer without shelling out every cent I own. Here are the best ways to keep yourself traveling, without being rich…

Spending Less
Well, duh! Of course, its everyone’s goal to spend less when they are traveling but it doesn’t always work out like that, does it? After reading these tips you should be super prepared to know where to cut back or even when to travel so you can paying less and travel more!

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1. Shoulder season
When should you travel? I’m not trying to dictate your travels here but you really shouldn’t travel to certain places at certain times. Shoulder season is my favorite time to travel. While I’m sure the Caribbean in summer is absolutely breathtaking, I think you’d much rather be rubbing lotion on your partner’s back as opposed to rubbing shoulders with other beachgoers because it’s THAT crowded.
How about showing up just before summer. You might have a few rainy days here and there but overall, weather should still be great and prices will be slashed. There are also a fewislands that rarely get hurricanes if you want to go just after summer. This is just one example, nearly every place in the world has a shoulder season to enjoy. When you travel this way, your money goes further thus extending your travels beyond a two-week vacay!

2. Regional travel
If you want to travel longer, try focusing on a region. So many people get caught up in the thought of “traveling the world.” They think they have to touch every continent in a span of a year or something crazy. This isn’t true. Try traveling more regionally. For example, focus on one geographical area and spend your time there, like Southeast Asia or Central America or even just Europe. There’s a slew of countries in those small regions that could take you years to truly get to know.

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Personally, I lived in Thailand and traveled Southeast Asia for over four years and still feel like I haven’t seen much! When you focus on one area, you will spend far less money, flights are inexpensive, and you can experience so much more. Sometimes these countries get a bad rap and they aren’t high on the travel list because they are “marked” as dangerous or scary. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most countries are totally safe, however, should you want to protect your items a bit more, aPacsafe Venturesafe X40 Plus Anti-Theft 40L Multi-Purpose Backpack keeps your valuables locked up and safe while you’re out and exploring. I know it puts my mind at ease.

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3. Go to cheap countries
Well this is a no-brainer, right? The regions I mentioned above are quite cheap, especially Southeast Asia. And why is Eastern Europe so underrated? It’s just as beautiful as some of its pricer neighbors and it’s much cheaper. Try focusing on these cheaper areas of the world to start your adventures in and you’ll be sure to travel for longer.

Learn how to make money abroad and not spend
Ah, this is my true specialty! I could go on for ages on how to make money abroad and how to not spend money but I will be quick and provide some extra links for help on this topic.

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1. How to make money abroad
Depending on where you’re from, there’s a slew of ways to make money in other countries so you’re living abroad and making money to continue traveling. Sweet deal, no? There’s work abroad opportunities galore in the form of working holiday visas, study abroad visas that also allow you to work, and of course, remote positions that require only a computer and wifi connection so you can literally work anywhere.
2. How to not spend your cash
How does not spending money sound? Well, if you’re willing to give up some of your time in lieu of paying for a room or sometimes food, then you’re in luck. There’s plenty of ways you can travel for practically free if you’re willing to help someone build a garden, or clean their hostels, or look after their pets. There are plenty of job exchanges around the world that allows you to save that cash for future travels while experience life in another country. The best part is, you can start doing many of these jobs abroad without experience. Just start small and soon enough, you’ll have a bunch of skills that can be done literally anywhere in the world.

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Working abroad and making money on the road is the perfect way to extend your travels. Is this something you’re up for?
By Nina Ragusa
Nina’s blog aims to give it to you straight in every aspect without skimping on details. She writes about the realities of making a life abroad by working for it while maximizing on travel experiences. Find out more about her life as a traveler atWhere in the World is Nina?

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