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Commercial pilot Troy Doak has been to just about every country in the world. From humble beginnings flying small aircraft in Australian country town Geelong, he then worked as a flying instructor, before moving to work for Qantas in Sydney. For the last 13 years he’s been based out of Hong Kong, working for Dragonair, flying Boeing and Airbus around Asia. In his spare time, Troy loves taking advantage of flight perks that come with the job and travels with his family to new and interesting places. Considering Troy travels more often than most, we thought we’d connect and ask for his top travel safety tips.

When it comes to security in an airport, do you have any good insider tips?

Most of the time, airports are fairly secure places, especially once you’re through customs. The biggest thing is to just look after your gear and make sure you don’t lose it.

The best insider tip I can give is when you’re going through security do what you’re told and don’t argue or complain! Play the game and you’ll get through much faster and easier. In the USA, take off your shoes. In China, you’ll beep through every metal detector even if you’re made of plastic, so let them use the wand. When in Australia, just nod and smile and keep on smiling when you’re called for the bomb test!

How about good tips for security in hotels?

Never leave anything expensive in a hotel unless you’re prepared to lose it. If it’s a reputable hotel, the in-room safes are a reasonable option, but just know that the staff nearly always have the emergency open key.

Also, for personal health/safety, check under the sheets before you get into bed, you never know what you’ll find….

Portable safes can be a great travel option if you want a bit of extra piece of mind.

What are the 3 best pieces of general travel safety advice you have?

First, don’t take expensive things traveling if you can help it. Next, try not to forget the passcode to the safe, that way the staff won’t have an excuse to take out their emergency keys and remember they have access to your things anyway. Last, don’t check in laptops as the TSA will borrow it.

Finally, what’s your best straight-up travel advice.

No matter how painful the travel is, think about the end game! Learn new things, experience new cultures, try different food and, most of all, enjoy the break.

Captain Doak says, Safe Travels

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