Traveling with Your Pet: 7 Luxury Hotels that are Pet-Friendly

März 16, 2016 2 min gelesen



Good news for those who prefer vacationing with their dogs: More and more hotels are not only allowing pets, they’re catering to them. Here are 7 luxury hotels who love dogs—and will give both you and your pet the VIP treatment!
Calistoga Ranch, Napa Valley, California
Calistoga Ranch is a 5-star luxury resort legendary among guests who love wine and dogs. Guests get their own detached “lodge” featuring an outdoor shower and bath in an enclosed garden, outdoor gas fireplace and sun deck and stunning views of the tree-lined canyon. Leashed dogs and their people are welcome to roam the 157-acre property, and though there’s plenty to do in Napa, it may not get better than a walk in the woods with your best friend.
Wentworth Mansion, Charleston, South Carolina
Dogs will enjoy that famous Southern Hospitality at the Wentworth Mansion, a historic hotel that regularly finds itself on the list of top hotels in the world. Dogs and their people get ground-floor rooms with small outdoor terrace, perfect for midnight pit stops without having to get fully dressed! They also get a fluffy loaner bed and a welcome basket of gourmet dog treats made by a local baker. The concierge keeps a list of dog-friendly restaurants and attractions, and there are plenty in this dog-crazy city. However, the award-winning on-site restaurant, turret with 360-degree views of the city and the Charleston harbor, and the surrounding historic neighborhood may keep you both busy enough.
Onyx Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts
While most hotels charge a per-pet fee and have size restrictions, Onyx Hotel in Boston welcomes all kinds of dogs—for free. Pet parents will be delighted to learn that the hotel also has pet sitters, dog walkers and a doggy room service menu featuring gourmet dog food.
Royal Sonesta, New Orleans, Louisiana
Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the posh Royal Sonesta is famous for their dog-loving staff. Leashed pets are welcome around the quaint property, and well-behaved pets are allowed to stay in the room while their parents tour the city.
Casa Marina, Key West, Florida
Featuring Waldorf-Astoria service and aesthetics, and Key West’s only private beach, Casa Marina welcomes leashed dogs to accompany their people around the property, including the shaded pool and outside restaurant.
Ritz-Carlton, Central Park, New York City
Dogs are welcome to this Central Park hotel in true Ritz style. Fuzzy guests receive a bone-shaped pillow and homemade dog treats. If it’s raining, they can even borrow a Burberry doggy raincoat and stroll the city in style.
Mandarin Oriental, Miami, Florida
If you and your buddy are heading to Miami, the Mandarin Oriental will roll out the red carpet. Dogs get some bling in the form of a gold collar tag, a comfy loaner bed, a special room service menu, access to dog walkers, play dates with a pet butler, dog trainers, and groomers. With service like that, your dog may not want to go home!

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