5 Tips to Stay Safe While on your Own

May 24, 2016 3 min read

Travelling Alone
There are plenty of moments in life where you venture out on your own, whether it’s to travel, go to the movies, eat out or visit friends during the weekend. But before you leave home or go abroad, make sure you’re prepared for any scenario with these five safe travel and solo security tips.
1. Carry Essential Travel Accessories
If you’re travelling alone, travel accessories such as torchlights, whistles, RFID-blocking wallets, local maps and keys can come in handy.
Torchlights can be lifesaving if you’re in a quiet area of town or walking alone on dark, secluded roads at night. Use it to keep the path in front of you well-lit. Ideally, avoid walking alone in the dark and on secluded roads.
Local maps can be a lifesaver because they often contain more detail than the large town maps, making it easier to make your way around. If you can access maps online, great. Download them if you can.
The RFIDsafe™ W150 is an essential accessory when you’re carrying credit cards. It’s an organiser that’s made of a material that blocks out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz – 3 GHz to keep your personal information safe.
Keys can be used to defend yourself when you’re in a hurry. Hold them in between your ring finger and middle finger, brandish them like those brass knuckles in gangster movies. You can also learn more about Pacsafe travel accessories in [this article.]
2. Understand the Local Transportation System
If you’re not familiar with the local transportation system, you can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Take some time to read up on transportation options or familiarise yourself quickly with transport routes when you move to a new neighbourhood. This is especially true when you’re in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, and have limited ability to converse with locals.
3. Stay Alert Late at Night
While it might seem over-the-top to avoid deserted areas at night it’s still better to be safe than sorry. Always take well-light, crowded paths and if you’re taking the train or bus late after hours, stay alert. Don’t use headphones – this significantly affects your ability to sense danger. If you’re a female, you can also check if there are female-only train carriages.
4. Pack Light When Travelling
I know you’re worried that if you forget to pack something, it might affect the trip. Packing light will not only release you from being chained down by heavy luggage, it will make you appreciate the journey so much more – whether it’s camping in the wild or on a staycation in the city. A Citysafe LS400 has the right amount of space for daily. The bag is reinforced with eXomesh® slashguard to helps prevent slash-and-run theft and has a smart zipper security which lets you hook zip pullers through secure tabs to help prevent pickpockets from reaching into your bag.
5. Stay Connected
If you’re working late, make sure your family or friends know where you are. Ask a co-worker to accompany you to the parking lot or public transport when you’re ready to leave.
If you’re studying at university until late at night, be aware. You should know and add the security phone number of your university into your emergency dial list so you can contact them quickly if you need to. Keep your electronic devices secure by storing them in Travelsafe portable safes. They’re basically portable safes that are light and durable, and roomy enough to fit your valuables. They can be locked closed to form a 360° slash resistant protective cell, then locked to a fixed object to help prevent theft.
Stay safe when you’re on your own and bravely tackle with these tips.

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