6 Spectacular Summer Beach Spots of Northern Africa

July 20, 2015 2 min read

While many Americans are packing their bags and heading south to the Caribbean this summer, those in the know are heading to Africa instead. That’s because the continent is home to some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, all at an affordable price. The best of the best are located in Northern Africa.
Sharm el Sheikh, Egyptsharm el sheikhEgypt might bring to mind pictures of pyramids and desert sands rather than beaches, but Sharm el Sheikh in Sinai is one of the most popular resorts in Africa. The beaches are littered with cabanas, boats and beautifully clear waters for miles. It’s also just down the road of Na’ama Bay, another resort town popular among international travlers.
Agadir, MoroccoAgadir is home to a luxurious six mile long beach that curves around the Atlantic coastline. It’s affordable and boasts 300 days of sunshine a year so it’s almost always in season. The town is also home to an adorable, if somewhat touristy, beachside promenade, Avenue Tawada. It’s worth a walk after a long, hard day of lounging by the sea.
Manzil Tmim, TunisiaIt’d be easy to cite Sousse as the go-to beach town of Tunisia judging by its popularity, but for a true Tunisian experience head to the small town of Manzil Tmim. There are no crowds or real accommodation here, but you’ll find the clearest waters in the country, authentic food and days of peace and quiet you won’t find in a tourist town. Just remember to respect the locals here and clean up after yourselves, or else you might not be welcome back.
Sidi Fredj Peninsula, AlgeriaAlgeriaFor rest and relaxation there are better beaches than those found at Sidi Fredj. However, if you’ve got a hankering for adventure that can be found on the water this is your spot. There are endless opportunities for water skiing, sailing, surfing and fishing along these shores. The resorts are pretty swanky, too, but not so ritzy you can’t afford them.
Port Sudan, SudanSudan, like Egypt, is known for its endless miles of desert and sand. However, Port Sudan is also a popular snorkeling and scuba diving spot loaded with history. The area has long been a transition point on the road to Mecca for many Muslims and you’ll find much religious architecture lining the streets.
Dakhla Beach, Western SaharaSand dunes meet white sandy beaches and glistening blue waters in this popular spot in Western Sahara. It’s well loved by sportsman for the abundance of good wind and sees numerous kite surfers flock to the area all year long. The beach is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side a lagoon on the other, making for a stark, but interesting, contrast.
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