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Hiking in National Parks is always a great joy. You’ll get to stay in shape, as you enjoy your hike on the scenic trails. There are plenty of trails to choose from and if you’re new to hiking, fret not – beginners can start by taking a simple stroll in the park. Here’s our list of thebest US National Park hiking trails for hikers of all levels, complete with a simplehiking guide for newcomers!
Getting Started
The most important piece of clothing is your shoes – it needs to be absolutely comfortable or you’ll be struck with a bad case of blisters! Wear white clothes instead of darker clothes because they will absorb the heat from the sun, which can tire you out quicker.
You may want to bring along a basic first aid kit, some snacks such as chocolate bars and lots of water. Consider using backpacks that have side pockets to easily access your snacks and water bottle while hiking, like ourPacsafe Vibe 25 or the largerVenturesafe X30. If you decide to bring your camera, pack your camera gear with thePacsafe Camsafe V25. You can easily protect it with the built-in rain cover when it starts to rain.
Acadia Park
Acadia National Park (Difficulty: Easy)
Early-bird hikers would love the North Ridge Trail in Acadia National Park. The 4.4-mile hike is along Cadillac Mountain’s (mostly) bare rocks and largely unobstructed views of Bar Harbor and Frenchman Bay. It ends at the highest peak of the park, where you’ll find a fantastic location to watch the sunrise – a great way to start the day!
Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park (Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate)
Redwood is home to one of the oldest and tallest trees in the world. Here you’ll find a wide range ofhiking trails ideal for beginners to intermediate hikers. Try the mile-long Simpson-Reed Trail where you’ll find thousand-year-old redwoods towering above. Otherwise, take the easier Nature Loop Trail for a 20-minute stroll while you learn more about the forest. Bring along a lighter backpack for all your hiking needs, such as thePacsafe Venturesafe 15L GII.
Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountain Park (Difficulty: Easy to Expert, For Everyone!)
Hikers from all over the world are drawn to the diversely beautiful trails found on Rocky Mountain. There are so many trails to choose from, all suited for casual strolls and multi-day backpacking.
The Bear Lake loop is one of the most famoushiking trails on Rocky Mountain. It’s an easy 6-mile walk around a high-mountain lake with breathtaking peak views. Alternatively you can go on the Calypso Cascades trail which has a shorter route. Its 1.8-mile hike is named for its beautiful Calypso orchid that grows along its banks. Its thick forest provides an excellent shade for the hot summer.
If you’re feeling adventurous, the multi-day backpacking Flattop Mountain Trail starts at the Bear Lake Trailhead that climbs uphill to 3,000 feet change in elevation! It may be a difficult hike, but it’s one that offers excellent views that’s worth the ascent. Be sure to carry thebigger, multi-purpose Pacsafe Venturesafe X40 Plus backpack that’ll last the entire trip.
Yosemite (Difficulty: Expert)
Located in California, Yosemite is one of the best US National Parks famed for its giant, ancient sequoia trees and granite cliffs. It’s also famed for some of the most difficult hiking routes. The signature Mist Trail found on Half Dome is a 14-mile long trek is considered among the best hikes in the park. The best time to go on this long and demanding hike would be sometime around May when majestic waterfalls can be seen on the trail. If you’re looking to camp be sure to bring a bigger backpack like thePacsafe Venturesafe EXP45.

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