Europe's Best Cities for Tours this Halloween

October 21, 2015 2 min read

Old european cemetery at night
It’s no secret that Europe has a dark history. Ghosts, witches, and spirit tours come alive every Halloween to show you the most ghoulish sites and stories in town. If you’re looking to get spooked this fall season, visit one of these European cities for a nighttime ghost and witch tour.
Edinburgh, Scotland
The medieval Old Town contains some of the city’s most prominent ghost stories. Several Underground and Ghost tour walking companies meander through the dark streets to frighten you with stories about ghostly encounters. For a thrilling scare, book Mercat Tours “The Underground Tour” to descend into the Blair Street Underground Vaults. Special Halloween Underground tours are available during October. Visitors can also book the Free Ghost Tour where you pay based on a recommended donation.
London, England
London Ghost Walks offers various nighttime and ghost-related tours. Visitors can choose between the West End Ghost Walk, Ghosts of the Old City, or the Haunted London walk. Meander around gas-lit alleyways to discover the true stories behind these old and gloomy streets.
Dublin, Ireland
The National Leprechaun Museum offers a Night Time Tour that explores the deep, dark and twisted details about Irish folklore. This adult-only tour tells the most gruesome lore that can only be talked about at night. Unfortunately, there is a no-refund for scaredy cats policy.
Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is the mecca for all things medieval. Prague Witch Tours leads you through the narrow alleyways to discover the legends and meaning behind certain artifacts and places. Follow your guide’s broomstick as she points at special relics such as the astronomical clock, witch execution sites and The Black Madonna. Each guest can participate in a witchcraft ritual and goes home with a stone of their choice.
Bucharest, Romania
Nothing says Halloween more than Transylvania. The tour company, Viator, offers a two-day Halloween package that includes a costume party at Dracula’s castle. Guests explore the untouched and medieval sites such as Black Church, White and Black Tower, Peles Castle, German Cemetery and a horror flick after touring Dracula’s Castle. If the movie doesn’t scare you to pieces, guests will watch the Dance of the Dark Fairies where you too can join the spooky fun.
Rome, Italy
Nothing says Halloween more than a room full of old bones. Viator offers a 3.5 hour walking tour of the Crypts and the Roman Catacombs. On the tour, visitors will learn about the monks who used bones to build and decorate their crypt. Participants will also view the Basilica of San Clemente to see Rome’s history displayed through its intricate architecture.

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