October 20, 2017 3 min read

As Halloween draws nearer, you might be wondering the best way to celebrate the spookiest time of year. If you’re tired of watching reruns of horror movies, go the extra step for a scare. We’ve got a ghoul-ol list of horror movie locations you can visit for a spine-chilling Halloween.

  1. M Street Stairs, The Exorcist

For those of you who haven’t watch the original 1973 film – spoiler ahead. At the height of the movie’s final sequence, Father Karras is thrown from an upstairs window and tumbles down this very staircase. The narrow steps are claustrophobic and vertiginous – creepy even without the connection to a demon-possessed 14-year-old. The stairs were declared a local landmark back in 2015 and are located on the corner of Prospect and 36th, leading down to M Street in Georgetown, Washington D.C. Many people use the steep 75 steps to work on their calves in the day – maybe because the best way to rid yourself of demons is to ‘exorcise’ it (wink).  

  1. Camp No-Be-So-Sco, Friday the 13th

Next on our list, the horror franchise that instilled overall leeriness of summer camps for generations. It is no coincidence that October 13 falls on a Friday, and what better way to spend it than with a bunch of terrorized teens at Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately, you would have to be a boy scout to gain access to the grounds. Fortunately, the camp has announced that it will host a public tour on October 13, 2017 – specifically for all fans of the slasher film. The camp is situated alongside the Kittatinny Ridge, bordering the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
If you weren’t lucky enough to score a ticket for the tour, we’ve got another Friday the 13th feature – the Crystal Lake Diner a.k.a Blairstown Diner. Located in, you guessed it – Blairstown, New Jersey. Most of the staff are glad to meet fellow fans of the iconic franchise, so stop by and tell them Jason sent you.  

  1. The Stanley Hotel, The Shining

Okay, so we are cheating a little here. We are well-aware that the iconic Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s adaption of the Stephen King’s classic isthe Timberline Lodge in Oregon. However, that may be the least frightening horror movie location to visit. Reason being, the interior scenes of the movie were shot in multiple locations, and only the exterior of the lodge appeared once in an early establishing shot.
On the other hand, The Stanley Hotel in Colorado was the original Overlook Hotel. The master of horror himselfspent a night in the infamous room 217 back in 1974. 3 years later, he wrote the most iconic horror stories of all time. With plenty of alleged reports of paranormal activity and horror tales of its own, head over to The Stanley Hotel for a photo-op and you might just catch a “Here’s Johnny!” on film.

  1. Myers Family House, Halloween

The Mike Myers house can’t be missed during the season of Halloween and there’s a good reason for it. John Carpenter’s 1978 classic was once the highest grossing independent film of all time, making Micheal Myers a household name. The eeriness of the original Myers house is forever etched in history (and our memories) but these days, the landmark boasts a more cheerful paint job in Pasadena, California. Though it holds little resemblance to how it appeared in the film, fans from around the country still come to pay their respects to the unfortunate events that befell the characters and the franchise.
For a freakyHalloween-themed experience, head to The Myers House of Hillsborough, North Carolina, where one dedicated fan constructed an exact replica of the cursed abode.  

  1. The Woods, Blair Witch Project

The low-budget cult film of 1999, reminded us that nothing is quite as terrifying as our own imaginations. Burkittsville is a quaint little town in Maryland with no more than 200 residents suffering from a bad case of Blair witch fanatics who enjoy thieving their town sign. Though you might be excited to start your witch-hunt right away, we recommend making a stop at Seneca Creek Park first, where the bulk of the movie was filmed. For the best experience possible, plan acamping trip with your friends and bring a cam recorder along.
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