Love’s day is just around the corner and often it’s hard to know what to get. Of course, flowers are always a hit. Chocolate is too. But what if you want to do something out of the ordinary? Here is a gift guide to give you a few out of the box ideas. This is the Gift Guide of Different Gifts For Valentines Day.

Think experiences instead of things 

One way to frame getting something different for Valentines Day is to consider experiences instead of things. Maybe it’s something he or she has always wanted to do. Maybe it’s something they’ve never thought of. Here are a few winners that could capture their imagination.

A Weekend Off The Grid

Just the two of you, no phones, no laptops, no distractions. Heading off camping someone, or getting a cabin tucked away from civilization, is the perfect way to get to know each other on a deeper level. Go the extra mile and pack a picnic of their favorite food, so they know the love is real.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Nothing oozes romance quite like floating above the countryside hand in hand. Hot air balloon rides are a great way to start off or end a day since they’re often done at dawn or dusk. Check out the local providers in your area and ask to see if they have some kind of couples package. Many offer champagne at the end, as long as you’re of proper drinking age.

A Dancing Lesson

A great excuse to get up close and physical with each other in a way that’s fully clothed and upright. Dancing lessons are plenty of fun and can get you prepared for a fun night on the town to practice your new moves. If dancing really isn’t their thing, look to do a painting class or something more low key.

Or, give them a confidence boost

Confidence is infectious. It makes people’s lives better, helps them feel good about themselves and prepares them to step outside their comfort zone to try new things. You can either go the direct route and help them see how great they are, or go the other way and find a way to remove any blocks that stop them from being their best selves. Here are a few ways to do that.

Organize a glamour photoshoot

A great way to boost someone’s confidence is to have someone see themselves in their best light. Organizing a photo shoot where they can dress up, look good and feel great is a great way to make them feel like a star. At the end, they’ll also have some photos to keep, look back on and see themselves the way you see them every single day.

Give them peace of mind travel gear

This one combines a gift they can use daily, with something that provides confidence. Anti-theft backpacks or handbags are fantastic to help with being able to do the things you love to do when traveling away or at home. Simply pack your stuff in, lock the zippers and you’re good to go. Pack one for your off-grid weekend away mentioned above and you get the best of both worlds. Here are great options for him, or nice stylish a nice stylish option for her (pictured above).

Do a self-defense class

Self-defense classes are an amazing way to build up confidence. And, they’re a lot of fun! Go together to learn what to do in situations where you might be in danger and you’ll walk out feeling taller, stronger and more at ease. Make sure you do it together, so you can practice later on in private as well

Whatever you do end up giving, the key thing is to focus on them and enjoy the day. It’s all about locking in your best moments so you can remember them for a long time to come.

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