December 16, 2019 2 min read

More and more travelers are looking for gifts that are better for the environment. It’s not just products made from recycled materials either, it’s experiences that keep locals’ interests in mind and generate great memories to remember for a lifetime. With the festive season and main travel seasons upon us, here is a thoughtful gift guide for the conscious traveler.

A Reusable Water Bottle

You don’t need to break the bank to get a great eco gift for the conscious traveler. Getting a great, stainless steel water bottle that will last for decades is a must for any frequent traveler. You can stay dehydrated on planes and treks, without resorting to plastic, and even use it when at home. It will save thousands of plastic bottles ending up in landfill or our ocean.This one from Hydroflask is one of our favorites and has a lifetime warranty. 

Offset Their Travel

We all think about carbon offset when flying somewhere, but how often do you actually tick the box and pay the extra? There’s always a second-guess on whether the airlines are enrolled in the best offset programs to make it happen effectively. The Cool Effect is one great emissions offset provider. Not only are they doing positive things for the planet but also offering really need gifting options. TheirAir Adventure Pack even lets you choose a number of flights for the year to offset and gift them to your special travel friends. 

Protect Their Skin With Reef Safe Sunscreen

Some sunscreens are thought to cause bleaching of ocean reefs globally. There’s also concern about things like safety of parabens on personal health. There are some great options out there that take all of this into account and actually working to stop sunburn as well. Whether going on a beach escape this season or hitting the snow for a ski holiday, Sun Bum is one amazing sunscreen with its heart in the right place. Get somehere

Send Them To The Other Side

For those in the USA (or beyond) wanting to go all out, The Other Side is a  beautiful glamping site situated along a small secluded beach in the Bahamas. It’s fully solar-powered for that extra eco touch. It’s a blend of home meets safari tempered with a few conventional hotel amenities. Something extra special as a gift for the conscious traveler (and best done as a gift for you and them together!)

Anti-Theft Bags Made From Plastic Waste

Pacsafe has a wide range of bags built for travel made from plastic waste. The Pacsafe Econyl Collection takes nylon waste like discarded fishing nets and turns them into our best selling designs. There’s also the Metrosafe X Collection, entirely made from recycled plastic bottles. They also all have patented anti-theft security to protect their belongings on the road. Yet another thing the conscious traveler cares about. See our most popular recycled options here


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