How I Plan to be More Spontaneous

March 02, 2016 3 min read



Planning to be more spontaneous may seem oxymoronic but I’ve been called worse. Heck, take away the “Oxy” part and that’s a name I’m more used to hearing. Anyway, The Wife says I’m too uptight with our vacation planning so, in the vein of loosening up a bit, here are a few ways I plan to be more spontaneous.
When We Go
I usually prefer to travel on certain days and return on certain days. This allows me to miss the least amount of work and also gives me a day of rest before returning to the grind. Airfare fluctuates on different days of the week so in the name of spontaneity, I plan on considering any day that is cheaper to fly. Not only does this save me money, it changes my other nickname from “Cheapskate” to “Spontaneous,” or as I prefer that’s “Mr. Spontaneous” to you.
Where We Go
As I’ve gotten older I have also gotten spoiled. No longer content to backpack my way through foreign lands (okay, I have never backpacked anywhere), I do enjoy creature comforts. Supposedly I should lighten up on my expectations. Maybe I’ll even pick a hotel without room service. Better yet, I’ll let someone else pick out the hotel. Even better yet, I won’t spend hours researching reviews of the said hotel on Tripadvisor; I’ll just find out how it is when I get there. Or, maybe I can spontaneously check the reviews and change the reservations if I feel I need to…spontaneously of course.
What We Do
When going to the Caribbean, I used to schedule our excursions ahead of time but no more. Yeah, sure, planning in advance could save you money and worry and it does guarantee a spot on the boat, but now I’m learning not to worry about it. Just go with the flow and see what the other guests have already done and enjoyed before making decisions. I realize I may find something to do that I hadn’t even thought of doing. Plus, as The Wife mentions, if every excursion is full, we can always just go shopping. And you wonder why I book out our schedule ahead of time…
What We Eat
We stay in ski condos in the winter a lot and usually bring our own food to cook. This requires planning and purchasing all our meals in advance. Being spontaneous means no food in the kitchen and somebody is paying for us to eat out. How about if I spontaneously suggest that that someone be somebody other than me? See, I’m not only being spontaneous, but I have just saved a few bucks as well.
When We Eat
I’m not big on reservations for dinner, but if you want a nice restaurant, even in an all-inclusive resort, you have to reserve a time. Of course in resorts you always can be spontaneous and just drop into the buffet at any time; now you’re talking. If there’s one thing I like to be spontaneous about, it is food. I will eat anytime, anywhere, and almost anything. That’s why all-inclusive resorts are best for being spontaneous: because you can eat anywhere, anytime, and almost anything.
When We Get Back
So in the name of Oxymorons everywhere, let’s agree to disagree. There is nothing wrong with planning ahead of time as long as you don’t take it too far. Leave yourself open to new destinations and activities and you might be pleasantly surprised. “Stop and smell the roses,” they say. Well they may be right, and stop and smell I will. You can plan on it.
Michael Ryan
Michael is a full-time musician and freelance writer residing in Morrison, Colorado. He enjoys downhill skiing, traveling and attempting to play golf. He excels in the sport of extreme napping so if you must call, make it afternoon.

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