How to Determine Your Travel Plans for 2016

January 25, 2016 2 min read

A new year, a new blank page in your travel journal. Oh the places you’ll go…but wait, where? And when? And how long? There are sooooo many choices to make. If you’re anything like me choosing your next destination to travel to can be a hard task. But I’m here to help you with this. I have six easy ways to find out where you should travel to in 2016.
Let your eyes decide.
Easy as this. Look at the word search. The first destination you see will be your first destination in 2016. Go for it. Adventure is waiting for you.
where will you travel to in 2016_3
Let your hands decide.
Do you have a globe or a map at home? Spin it and/or spin yourself, close your eyes and place a finger somewhere. Open your eyes and you’ll see the place you should definitely travel to in 2016. (Also works with Google maps. Kind of)
Let your belly decide.
Think of all the foods you ever wanted to try in your life or maybe your favorite food in the restaurant around the corner…where does it come from originally? Go there. Yes, that also works with pizza and Italy.
costa brava prawns
Let your imagination decide.
Close your eyes and relax. Think about your dream vacation, the place where you’ve always wanted to go to. Where do you see yourself? On a beach in Thailand? Hiking through the cloud forest in Costa Rica? Driving the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan? Start planning this trip NOW!
Let your hobbies decide.
What do you like to do in your free time? Read? Go to concerts? Go for a run in the park? If you like to read you could go to the setting of one of your favorite books. Follow your favorite band. Choose your dream location (see #4) and go for a run there instead of your neighborhood.
Let your wallet decide.
I know, I know…money is often the reason why you can’t visit the places you really want to see. (But that’s no excuse, you can start saving money TODAY). But what if you’re already saving and just want a quick trip in between? I like the explore function from Kayak to help me with this. There you can see all the flights from your chosen airport and how much they would cost. Pretty cool, eh? I might wanna book a flight to Rome right now…brb.
Kayak Explore BER
Yvonne Zagermann
Yvonne is the publisher of JUST travelous, an award-winning travel blog that focuses on unique experiences, adventure travel, and flashpacking. Yvonne surprises readers with unique experiences which show you the world from a different angle—whether she’s falling from a camel in Oman, surviving a cobra attack in South Africa, or getting a tattoo by a Buddhist monk. JUST travelous is written in English and German, and in addition to being one of the best travel blogs in Germany, it’s one of the Top 100 international travel blogs.

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