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We’ve all been there. Sitting on a beautiful beach, waves lapping at the shore, cool water beckoning relief from the blazing sun. You look at the water, you look at your stuff, you look at the water again. You know you shouldn’t leave your valuables just sitting on the beach, but the water looks so good and you don’t see another option. Surely, the stuff will be okay. You can cover it with your towel or keep an eye on it while you’re swimming, right? Wrong.
We don’t want to keep anyone from enjoying a good swim, but losing your valuables on vacation or even just while enjoying a trip to your local swimming pool is not fun. Fortunately, there are a few options that allow you to dive into the water without worrying about someone running off with your valuables. Your towel and clothes…well, that’s another story.
Leave Your Stuff in the Hotel
First, the obvious. The best way to avoid losing your stuff while swimming is to leave it locked up securely at the hotel. Do you really need your wallet? Probably not? Your passport? No. Your hotel key? Ask if you can leave it at the desk. If you’re going to need money for the day, take what you’ll need and keep it with you. Wear an item of clothing with a zippered pocket, stuff the cash into a plastic bag to keep it from getting soaked.
Buddy System
Head to the pool or the beach with a trusted friend and take turns guarding your spot and your stuff. No, it’s not the ideal system and it works better if you have a group so that you always have someone to swim or lounge with, but it’s better than leaving your brand new camera all by its lonesome on a beach chair.
Waterproof Containers
If you’re determined to bring your valuables with you then one option is to purchase a small waterproof container and keep it with you while swimming. If you go with this option, you might want to duct tape or handcuff that box to yourself. The ocean is an excellent thief and once it has that container out of your hand, you can kiss it goodbye.
Travelsafe 100 Portable Safe
If you absolutely have to leave something behind then make sure it’s in the Travelsafe 100 Portable Safe. If you’re leaving your belongings behind in the hotel room, this portable safe will give you a little more protection than an ordinary hotel safe or, you know, hiding your stuff in your suitcase. In a pinch, you can lock the Travelsafe 100 to a bike (that’s locked to a bike rack) or a permanent fixture. It’s not as ideal as leaving your valuables in the hotel room, but it’s better than hiding your phone under your towel and hoping for the best.
Zippered Pockets
If you know you’re going to be in and around water for the day, make sure to bring a pair of shorts or a shirt with a zippered pocket. Stick any keys and a little cash into a waterproof bag (or a Ziplock bag) and zip them safely into your pocket. The other option is the Wristsafe 50 Secret Money Pouch. Ok, the tan lines from that will probably be…um…not awesome, BUT it’s a great way to stash a little cash while doing cartwheels on the beach.
Get a Guard Dog
Find a three-headed dog (preferably named Fluffy) and hope that the thief isn’t familiar with Greek mythology and hasn’t seen or read Harry Potter.
By Nikki Hodgson

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