How To Take The Stress Out of Packing

June 07, 2016 3 min read

Depending on who you ask, packing can either be very relaxing or very stressful. The Internet is abound with packing travel tips. We’ve summed them up into one easy travel hack to make your travels easy.
Make a list.
It may sound like a no-brainer, but list-making is an art form. Deciding on what you need and what you don’t can be tricky.
So, how should you plan your list? This is what we’ve found worked for us:
Determine your itinerary
Plan your outfits according to your itinerary. Heading to Paris, France to check out the museums? Chances are you’ll need more sensible shoes and comfortable slacks or pants to take your walks into account. However, if you’re hitting the Gold Coast, Australia in the summer, then shorts, long flowing skirts, wraparounds and of course, swimwear, will make more sense.
Packing according to your itinerary means you won’t panic or worry about what to wear, and it’ll also ensure you pack enough clothes to avoid over-packing and under-dressing. This goes for both your check in and your carry on bags. Tip: Going away as a couple or a small family? Use the Toursafe AT 21 for your weekend getaway or pack it all in the Toursafe AT25 for a week long vacation!
Creating a list
When creating your packing list, cross check it not only against your itinerary, but also against the weather forecast as well. Once you’ve done that, ask yourself if it could be bought at your destination. For instance, if you’re going to Japan for the Gion Matsuri but it’s scheduled to rain, should you bring an umbrella from home or just get a cute, pocket one when you land instead? Some items, such as travel adapters, may be cheaper to purchase from a local hardware store before you fly instead of getting them at the airport when you land.
Packing techniques
This largely depends on your trip’s purpose. If you’re going on a working trip with some formal occasions scheduled, then the bundle packing method is perfect to ensure your clothes don’t get wrinkled during your travels. However, if it’s a hike up into the mountains, then rolling your shirts lets you pack more without taking up too much space.
Pack early
Packing is best done at least a day or two before your actual trip. This lets you ensure you have everything you need and get extra supplies if needed. Once you’ve packed your clothes, stick a note on your travel bag to check off the last minute things, such as your chargers, passport, toiletries and other essentials. This will come in very useful when you’re about to leave the house for your trip. Additionally, packing early helps you avoid overweight charges if you’re planning to check in your bag at the airport.
Extra bags
Psst! Here’s a secret to having space for all your souvenirs while still being able to pack your bags home. Instead of carrying an empty bag when you’re heading to your destination, pack it instead. Put a packable bag, such as the Pacsafe PX40, into your main luggage bag and unfold it when you reach your destination. On the way home, pack your dirty clothes into the PX40 and check them in at the airport while you carry your precious souvenirs with you onto the plane.
We hope these tips help take the stress out of packing. Have you got a favourite packing tip? Share it with us in the comments!

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