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The woman behind every sustainable bag in Pacsafe – Kristy Au

I’m head of the product development team and have been working for Pacsafe for nearly 9 years. My role focuses on enhancing the product’s performance in terms of material quality, design refinement for the purpose of manufacturing efficacy. I also manage the innovation projects for Pacsafe.

Pacsafe is set to be 100% virgin plastic free by 2025 – How do you work towards this goal?”

We have pledged to be using 100% recycled material throughout our entire supply chain, so we source the fabric from our trusted partners and go through rigorous tests on all components. Mills are certified by well-known organizations such as Global Recycle Standard and Bluesign®.
pacsafe  sustainable bag

Pacsafe has the aim to become a fully sustainable company, so what can we expect next?

When people talk about our recycled products, they are most concerned about the shell fabric and lining. We want to make it clear that the other elements, such as webbing, zippers, buckle, labels, and packaging are also important to make recyclable. We are about to remove all virgin plastic by 2025 in our entire supply chain. Adopting pellet dye to replace the traditional dying process will also save a lot of water and electricity, resulting in less water pollution.
pacsafe sustainable bag

Sustainable fashion is the future – what direction do you think it’s going?

In the future, the growth of sustainable fashion will depend not only on the material but the entire supply chain. Embracing the emerging technology and digitalization of the fashion and textile industry will be able to reshape the world. 3D Virtualization is a fashion design software program creating virtual, true-to-life garments using simulation technology, which I believe will eventually replace the actual samples to save cost and time while reducing the carbon footprint of fashion. When imagining how many rounds of physical prototyping we have developed and how many samples have been sent out, it’s scary to think what percentage of that becomes waste. If we can stop this, then brands like us will be able to become even more sustainable across the supply chain landscape. 3D solutions can be used in e-commerce with the aid of VR / AR, so that customers can view the products in varying patterns and colors with ease. The trend is booming and is definitely the future within the industry.
The collection featured in this article – Cruise.

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