March 03, 2021 2 min read

"Think twice before you start to travel solo, because you will fall in love with it." - Lindsay 

Here is how the journey started.

A few years ago, I realized that I wasn’t challenging myself to leave my comfort zone. I thought about what would be the most uncomfortable thing I could do and for me, that was being alone in a foreign country. I booked my first solo trip, kind of went all out on it, and did a 10-day trip to three European countries. I ended up really enjoying my time traveling solo, and what I thought was going to be a one-time challenge to myself ended up just being the start of this journey of inspiring and educating women about how solo travel can be a life-changing experience.

Enjoy travel alone but also with others.

I think that it’s a common misconception that if you are a solo traveler that you only want to travel by yourself. I do enjoy traveling with my husband or friends and family but I love that if I want to go somewhere I don’t have to worry about waiting on someone else to go with me. My favorite part of solo travel is that I get to do something that is just for myself, I don’t have to be concerned about someone else’s needs or wants on a trip. I get to do exactly what I want, when I want to do it. I’m creating memories that are exclusively my own. It makes me feel empowered and capable to take a trip solo and only focus on myself.

The challenges of solo travel.

To many people, a woman traveling solo is still a novelty. I remember when I took my first solo trip I had many people ask me if my marriage was okay because in their minds a woman traveling alone, especially without her husband, was odd. I’ve also encountered some restaurants that are not solo traveler-friendly, they wouldn’t let me make a reservation as a single person. And then there are also tours or cruises that require single travelers to pay an extra “single supplement” to book. It can be annoying to be monetarily punished for traveling solo, I’m hoping as more people travel solo it will change how some businesses treat them.
Her recent trip to Big Bend National Park, check out her IG posts for more information.
You can make more friends when traveling alone!
I do think it is easier to meet people when I’m traveling solo but I do have to put myself in a position to meet people. If I’m out at dinner, I’ll chat with waitstaff or other diners. I’ll sign up for a group tour or class and meet people with similar interests or I’ll meet other travelers in the lounge of a hostel. I think it can be easier to meet people when you are traveling solo because you aren’t insulated in a group or with a friend which can prevent you from reaching out and making a connection with another person. Because of solo travel, I have made friends all around the world.
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