Venturesafe X Series Breakdown

The Venturesafe X Series is Pacsafe’s most popular collection of adventure bags. This coming season, 4 new styles have been added to the series. Here is an in-depth look at each style, why they exist and how they’ll help you do more, be more and see more.
First up, here’s a refresher on what the overall collection is all about:
Designed with an explorer’s heart the Venturesafe™ X series lets you take on the world, knowing your gear is safe wherever the winds take you. Combining award-winning technology with decades of travel experience these styles are made to be the perfect companion on the road. Safe Travels. Hi Adventure.
“This is a unisex line for hiking adventures, or for city exploration,” says Phil Hayes, Pacsafe’s Executive VP of Product. “They build on the success of our ever popular X series using many of our patented technologies, including PopNLock security clips and the Roobar Sport locking system.”
In short: Venturesafe X is a high-end collection for adventurers who want top-quality gear without compromises.
Here are the four new styles that are joining the Venturesafe™ X adventure…

Venturesafe™ X12 backpack

Made to keep you agile on the trail or in the city.
This bag comes in a compact size that still packs a lot in. There is organization for some clothes, snacks, sunglasses, a water bottle and even an 11-inch laptop. The laptop sleeve also doubles as a slot for a hydration pack for when things get thirsty.
A bungee-cord cinch helps pull things together at the front, plus you can use it to attach a towel on the outside of the bag. Chest and waist straps help lighten the load, while the shoulder strap construction allows for support and airflow during hot hikes.

Anti-theft security includes lockable zips, scan safe pouches and slashguard straps to offer peace of mind when adventuring in unknown territory. There’s even a loop and lock strap to let you anchor the bag to immovable objects, avoiding potential snatch and dash theft.  

Pack for the day and start exploring.

Venturesafe™ X18 backpack

Made to take on day hikes through wilderness trails, or urban jungle alleys.
Durable, lightweight and loaded with features, the Venturesafe™ X18  has room for a 13-inch laptop and change of clothes, plus internal organization for a notebook, pens, cables and more. Expandable water bottle holders on the side can double as pouches for easy reach storage, while the laptop sleeve inside doubles as a hydration pack system. D-ring points on the straps let you attach clip-on items, or even fix it to a travel bag on the road. The sternum strap and removable waist strap help keep weight distributed over your back, while the curved shape gives it a sporty feel at home in any environment.

Anti-theft features include an RFID blocking pocket for your passport or wallet, a slide lock to secure your zips, plus slashguard panels and slashguard straps. A loop and lock shoulder strap system also lets you fix the bag to a table (or chair or tree) when wanting to leave your gear, without the need to keep your eye on it every moment.

Go from the airport to adventure with the Venturesafe™ X18 on your back.

Venturesafe™X Waistpack

Made to fit more around your waist and keep things secure.
Fanny pack or bum bag – call it what you will – The Venturesafe™ Waistpack is a multi-pocket stash bag with smart organization, room for an iPad mini and anti-theft security that keeps you at ease. A hidden pocket at the back rests safely against your body, while separate compartments at the front let you arrange things according to how you use them.

All the zips fix onto a single slide lock point, while an RFIDsafe™ pocket keeps your personal details from passports and credit cards protected against unwanted scans. This is all capped off with a loop and lock strap that lets you fix the pack to immovable objects, so it stays put while you roam about.

Whatever your style, strap it on and get out in the world.

Venturesafe™ X Sling pack

Made to sling over either shoulder for easy access to your things on the move.
The Venturesafe™ X Sling Pack is designed to be an ambidextrous option suited to both left and right handed adventurers. An adjustable strap keeps things versatile, switching to your preferred side (or to give your shoulder a rest) after a long day roaming about. Interior organization keeps things sorted with a tablet sleeve on the inside. A separate front zip pocket for fast access items. The mesh pouch at the front is ideal for a water bottle, which can be secured with a clip. A hidden pocket at the back lets you stash valuables away from sight and there’s even a loop on the sling strap to slide your sunglasses into when things go from sunny to shady.

Anti-theft technology includes a tough slide lock point to fix your zippers to, an RFIDsafe™ pocket to secure your personal details against unwanted scans and a loop and lock strap that lets you anchor the sling to things like seat legs on public transport.  The slash-proof straps and panels also protect your gear from cut and run theft.

Pack it up, pack it in, let the adventure begin.
For the full Venturesafe X series collection, headhere and start exploring.
By Tim Hawken

Tim Hawken is an Australian writer who enjoys surfing, Indian food and romantic midnight strolls to the beer fridge. He has clocked up visits to 23 countries on 5 continents (and counting). Find out more about his weird world by heading tohis website, or following him onInstagram andTwitter.

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