Our Community’s Top Travel Safety Tips

We recently called out to our community on Instagram and Facebook to find out their top travel safety tips. Up for grabs were five Pacsafe anti-theft backpacks to help add some confidence to people’s next adventures. The response was incredible. There was a bunch of amazing advice, some hilarious and some, well, a little weird. Common answers included making sure you keep an eye on your valuables, making sure you research where you’re going beforehand, and also to take a Pacsafe product with you (awww, shucks, thanks).

Here are the winner’s responses. Hopefully, these top travel safety tips will help you on your next trip too…

thewildmara‘s top travel tip on Instagram

Plan ahead: do your research – look up where you are going on Google street view so you can be confident (or at least look confident until you get somewhere you recognize). While there: learn and respect local customs (clothing and behavior) Gear: protect your stuff with #pacsafe! bonus if you can buy it and break it in before you go (gives you some time to learn the zippers and give it a worn-in look). Overall: stay safe, but don’t forget to have fun, meet people, and learn something new!

We loved this as an epic summary of all good things to do before and during travel. The tie-up in the end was especially great… never forget travel is about having fun and learning new things.

Samsona_k‘s top travel tip on Instagram

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes and keep all zippers closed.

This insight from Instagram was a little left of center and also quite catchy when you say it out loud. Great advice in poetic form.

Fr0sti3s‘s top travel tip on Instagram

No 1 safety travel tip: Trust your gut instincts to sense when something is amiss. Because our body is a powerful intuitive communicator. #pacsafe #safetravels

Your intuitions are often right when traveling and just as often we ignore those feelings for one reason or another. A few people mentioned this insight, but none as succinctly or strongly as the above. One to take to heart.

Cassandra Koutouridis‘s top travel tip on Facebook

Take a photo if your hotel room door – easier to find your room if you come home late at night!

We loved how fun this tip was. When traveling it’s great to have a good time and, let’s face it, sometimes we overindulge a little too much. A little foresight beforehand can get you out of a tight spot though. This tip from Cassandra was a wonderful example of that.

Christine GT‘s top travel tip on Facebook 

Research is the best safety plan. I also don’t put all my money in one place. I conceal it inside an empty deodorant container, I also put some on the back of my cellphone casing.

Another piece of brilliant advice. If you’re traveling, sometimes the worst can happen no matter how much you’ve prepped. That prep can turn a total disaster into a mild annoyance though. If one stash of your cash is swiped, you still have others to rely on if you split things up in sneaky places. Well done Christine.

Those are the winners but by no means all of the great advice. If you want to check out the others, head over to the posts on Instagramhere or Facebookhere. Don’t forget to give us a follow while there.

And, if you’re after a little extra security in the way of a portable safe, or anti-theft backpack with lockable zippers, head here for our Travel Bestsellers.

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