Security Tips for Commuting with Electronic Gadgets

July 14, 2016 2 min read

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come with technology. Only 20 years ago we were just fine heading out from home without our mobile phones (can you imagine?!). Now we’ve become so reliant on our electronic gadgets that they are like a third arm.
Commuting with electronics and gadgets can be tricky business, especially when you’re on our own and there’s no one else to watch your back. Don’t worry – we’ve got a few simple commuting and travel security tips to bump your security up a notch.
Keep Them Close to You…
It’s easy to get distracted while on-the-move to work, or meeting your friend at a café. Always keep your bag and electronics close to you within reach. Having some sort of physical contact with it allows you also lets you keep track of your belongings while looking away. So tuck your bag away by the floor between your legs, or hug it snugly in front of you.
…But Hide it out of Sight
It is common in many countries for thieves to break car windows and steal the helpless driver’s bag when they are caught in traffic. Keep a low profile and don’t leave your electronic devices exposed! Hide your bags under the passenger seat. While indoors, don’t leave mobile phones and tablets on the table either – they become easy targets.
Some Street Smarts can go a Long way
As covered in ourother guide on travel tips, having the skills required to be safe on the street is important. While walking, always keep a hand on your bags, carry it in front of you, and check your pockets every once in awhile when you are walking in crowded areas to make sure your gadgets are still with you. When walking alone, remember to stay on the inner lane opposite to the traffic.
Packing the right way
Choosing the right bag and learning how to pack your electronic devices safely is key, and Pacsafe has some great options. There aremany to choose from, depending on how you commute and how you prefer to wear them. Whether you are commuting light with only tablets, adedicated laptop backpack for work, or alightweight tote bag, there’s a bag that’ll fit your needs nicely. Consider it as an investment and a means of safe-keeping your gadgets when you’re on-the-go.

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