July 25, 2017 3 min read

Beach getawaysare known to be the best kind of holidays tounwind and relax. However, to achieve that sound state of mind, we need to be assured our personal belongings are safe. It’s often difficult to doze off, tan or go for a dip in the water while leaving our items behind unguarded. Here are our top picks of Pacsafe bags forbeach security:
Pacsafe Slingsafe LX50 mini cross-body bag
Pack your mobile phone, keys and wallet in this mini cross-body bag if you are planning to go for a stroll on the beach. Its compact size makes it convenient to be on-the-go with. Besides that, this bag also comes with simple yet efficient security features such as eXomesh slashguard to prevent slash and grab theft and an RFIDsafe pocket to protect sensitive information such as your passport and credit card details. On top of that, it’s unisex, has adjustable straps and comes in a variety of fun colors!

Pacsafe Vibe 150 anti-theft cross body pack
Store all your essentials such as your keys, mobile phone, wallet and more in this fun and lightweight bag! It is easy to stay organised too as the bag features a zippered main, front and pocket compartment. Its anti-theft features like theeXomesh slashguard that protects against cut and run thefts. The Roobar™ sport locking system also comes in rather handy as it helps deter pickpockets and make it harder for them to reach into the bag. So throw the bag over your shoulder, let it hang off your back and travel in confidence!

PacsafeTravelsafe X15 anti-theft portable safe & pack insert
Give yourself peace of mind with this bag that acts as a portable safe! It comes equipped with a TSA accepted combination lock, making it easy to be attached securely to any fixtures. It’s lightweight and padded with EVA foam, laminated with soft brush polyester lining. Store all your essentials in this water resistant bag!

Pacsafe Slingsafe LX250 anti-theft tote
This spacious bag is not only useful, but is also a fashionable number to take out to the beach! Pack along a book, sunscreen and of course your essentials as it has more than enough room and is equipped with safety features including the eXomesh slashguards to keep your items safe. It is comfortable to carry and is available in five different colors to choose from!
Pacsafe Slingsafe LX400 anti-theft backpack
If you have lots to carry, the Slingsafe LX400 anti-theft backpack is perfect for you. Comfort meets style with this bag – it is spacious and available in a variety of fun colors and prints . Plus, there’s a removable anti-theft cross body pouch that comes with it, too. The bag is built for comfort as it includes padded backpack straps and a top carry handle. So throw in your slippers, towel andkeep your belongings safe at the beach!

PacsafeVibe 100 anti-theft hip pack
If you only have a handful of valuables such as your passport, wallet and money that you need to take with you, keep them close at your hip! This hip pack is handy and allows easy access to your items. It comes with anti-theft features including PopNLock security clip that secure your zip from opportunistic pickpockets. Besides that, this functional bag also equipped with Carrysafe slashguard strap to guard your belongings against cut and run thieves. On top of all the remarkable security features, the hip pack also furnished with adjustable hip straps and even an internal iPad Mini sleeve. Perfect for those on the go!

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