August 22, 2016 4 min read

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After a long week, you’re probably hoping your weekend will feel like five days rather than two. Instead of moaning about how you’ll be starting a new week soon, make yourweekend activitiesthe thing that counts every week. Find out how you can make your weekends feel endless with these tips and your trustyTravelsafe companion.
1. Relax in an Excellent café
If you’re in dire need of a nice relaxing weekend, but not ready to go anywhere exotic, head to the cafés. There are many ways to discover newcoffee places. See café reviews such asSydney’s Best Cafes by the Daily Telegraph,thirty best coffee shops in Los Angeles,21 Best Coffee Shops in America by Thrillist, or check out Instagram and Facebook hashtags, such as #Singaporecafes. There are many new, relaxing cafés such as cat cafés,  local cafés, cafés that servehigh tea, old-school cafés, cafés with costumed waiters and more. Pick your favourite one and you’ll be set for many relaxing weekends at the café.
ATravelsafe® 5L GII portable safe fits just the right amount of things you’ll need for a leisurely day at the café. It’s light, padded and has a soft to the touchlining. To make sure it doesn’t get stolen easily, lock it to a table and you can calmly sip your coffee and watch clouds float lazily in the sky. It’s also water resistant so you won’t have to worry about spilling your drinks onTravelsafe.
2. De-stress with Exercise
Join a yoga club, dancing, or Muay Thai – anything to make those knotted shoulder muscles relax. Relieve your tension with punches, kicks and stretches. It also gives your metabolism a boost, a strong body, and you’ll have more confidence when dealing with your peers. For light exercises, try bicycle clubs or your local gym. Gym membership often offers guided training for those who want to excel, but they can also tailor a low stress exercise routine for beginners.
Often the on site lockers at gyms can be quite fragile and easy to break. Carry theTravelsafe X25 anti-theft portable safe & pack insert when you’re working out. It is large enough to accommodate large items such as shoes and towels, and still have space for smaller gear. Plus, you can anchor it to a bench or a fence while you’re playing basketball or football on the fields or basketball court.
3. Read Outdoors
As funny as it sounds, bring your books out for a walk. There’s something about reading outside that’s more relaxing than reading indoors. Choose a leafy park where you can be surrounded by greenery, or close to a beach or lake. The rustling of leaves, the birds singing and the sound of pages turning is the only thing you need! Just remember, safety first. Don’t wander deep into forests or stay alone in parks at night unless if the area is safe and has constant patrols.
Bring along aTravelsafe® 12L GII portable safe while you read. A Travelsafecompanion will only enhance your experience as you won’t have to worry about pickpockets running off with your wallet or keys while you’re immersed in the story. The bag’s secured with 360º eXomesh® Locking System, which can be locked to form a 360 degree slash resistant protective cover which can be fixed on stationary objects such as lead pipes or trees.
4. Get Your Toes in the Sand
Plan a short trip to the beach and you’ll have something to look forward to!
You can find sweet, cold treats to eat as you rest under the palm trees. Watch the ocean lap against the shores or try to catch fishes with the seasoned fishermen. There’s plenty to do at the seaside with your friends. Snorkel near the shores, ride a banana boat, or even smash open a watermelon (or coconut). Take a look atthe best beach side and breakfast places in the world before you plan your trip, and you might even have a yummy meal with a beautiful seaside view.
Pack your valuables and money into a Travelsafe portable safe to secure them for the trip. TheTravelsafe X15 anti-theft portable safe comes in a brilliant Hawaiian blue shade. The crossbody strap makes it easy to carry to the beach while still looking stylish. The trees and umbrellas can provide a fixture to lock Travelsafe bags.
5. Staycations
When you can’t get away, stay. Enjoy a staycation in your home or a hotel with your phone off. Before leaving for the weekend, tell everyone in the office you’ll be somewhere with no signal.
Write down a list of places you planned to go near your home that you have never had time to visit. If you have membership for a premium golf club and you haven’t been there in months, take the time to visit it. Meet up with friends that you’ve been putting aside for ‘me time’. With a staycation, you can preventtravel fatigue and go back to work fit as a fiddle.
Secure your valuables with aTravelsafe, especially when you’re at public places such as the pool, bus stops or the cinema. You can lock your travelsafe bag by the arm of the chair or grips, ensuring a peace of mind during your staycation.
Depending on what you plan to bring, you might want to get a differentTravelsafe companion. Find the rightTravelsafe at Pacsafe, and have a fun, secure weekend in the city.

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