February 16, 2017 3 min read

Thanks to the digital revolution, many of us are no longer tied to our desks. As long as we have our laptops, a steady Internet connection and a place to work, we can, in a nutshell, work. This has led to a rise in non-traditional offices, particularly co-working spaces, which in turn, leads to a thorny issue:workplace safety.
So what’s the best way to keep your things secure as youcommute to work and at work, especially if you don’t have a traditional office? Here’s our complete guide to having an easier and more secure work day with Pacsafe:
1. Determine your day
What is your agenda? Are you going to be running from one meeting to another in different locations all day, or will you simply be sitting down to work for hours at a stretch? Determining your day’s agenda will help you decide which bag to take!
If you’re going to be running around town meeting clients, using thePacsafe Intasafe™ Brief Anti-theft 15″ laptop bag (in charcoal) would be a wise choice. For one, it’s discreetly stylish, giving you a professional, business-like air. For another, it is specially made for traveling on public transport. The Intasafe™ Brief anti-theft 15” laptop bag comes with Pacsafe’s own Roobar™Deluxe Locking System and interlocking zip pullers, both of which help to confound a pickpocket on public transit.
Blog_Intasafe BRIEF
On the other hand, if you’re heading out to a co-working space for a quick meeting and don’t anticipate staying longer than lunch, then perhaps thePacsafe Metrosafe™ LS200 anti-theft shoulder bag(for easy access while on the train) or thePacsafe Vibe 200 Anti-theft compact travel bag(for a quick gym run after your meeting) would work better. These bags will hold your tablet (or smaller laptop) easily, along with your water bottles and all the stationary you’d need for a meeting.
2. Choose your mode of transportation
If you’re going to commute using cabs or even a Uber, then perhaps weight will not be a consideration. However, if you’re planning to use bus or train, you’ll want something lightweight yet rugged and sturdy.
Heading to work by train? Then pack your daily essentials, your small laptop, and all your electronics into thePacsafe Metrosafe™ LS250 anti-theft shoulder bag! This sling bag looks small but pack quite a bit, making it perfect for the rush that is the morning commute.
But what if you’re traveling by car? Then the weight restriction no longer applies. Use the Pacsafe Slingsafe™ LX300 anti-theft backpack! This rugged piece is especially suited for travelling by taxi or car-sharing, with a quick access front pouch for you to get your wallet. It also comes with a key clip and wallet attachment ring, perfect for yourPacsafe RFIDsafe™ TEC passport wallet.
3. Leaving bags unattended
It’s undeniable that during the course of the day, we will be stepping away from our desks and our bags. If you’re in a co-working space, you might wonder if it’s safe to do so, especially around strangers.
Here’s a Pacsafe Safety Tip: Pick a bag with thePacsafe Roobar™ Deluxe Locking System.
The Roobar™Deluxe Locking System ensures no one can get into your bag OR make away with it by locking down your bag’s zippers, slashguard anchor straps, and locking cables. It also allows your bag to be attached to a secure fixture. Coupled with Carrysafe® Slashguard Straps, this ensures that even if you step away from your bag, thieves cannot slash open your bag easily to steal the contents within OR simply carry it away.
And that’s our complete guide to an easier and more secure work day with Pacsafe. Have a tip we missed out on? Let us know in the comments!

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