Chelsea Muscroft is an award-winning travel agent who helps people explore the world. From corporate clients to barefoot nomads, families and luxury travelers, she not only helps them book their travel plans, but gives expert advice on how to get the most of their travels. After over a decade in the game, and having visited 38 countries herself, there isn’t much Chelsea doesn’t know about making travel a life-changing experience. Thinking a little about security is no exception. With that in mind, here are award-winning travel agent Chelsea Muscroft’s top travel security tips…

When it comes to security in an airport, do you have any good insider tips?

Be aware and be prepared.

The aim is to get through security as quickly as possible. So have your electronics ready, liquids in a clear zip-lock bag and good shoes that you can get off and on quickly.

Don’t be that guy that goes through the Security screen with a pocket full of coins.

Any good travel tips for security in hotels?

Use the deadbolt and use the safe.

Hotel safes aren’t 100% secure but it’s better than leaving your valuables out in the open. Just make sure you clear it out before checking out.

I never used to use the deadbolt in my room, but then I had a client return from a trip to Vegas where they ended up with a surprise visitor in their room in the middle of the night. It was harmless but it was a fright! Turns out hotel staff had given another guest the wrong key. Better to just flick it shut when you go in the room. A really easy way to add some extra peace of mind.

What are the 3 best pieces of general travel safety advice you have?

First, know the regulations of the countries you are traveling to. Do you need a visa? Are those sleeping tablets you take okay to bring in? Do you need to pay entry or exits fees? Does your passport need 12 months validity and three blank pages?

Security and immigration are getting tighter and tighter. What may have been the rules 6 months ago may have changed, so the best thing you can do is be prepared to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Next, keep your eyes on your stuff at all times including when you are flying. Although inflight theft is rare it is growing, so keep your valuables close.

Last, check out your surroundings. The saddest evolution of travel is the risks that come with your security. So now whenever I am in an airport or major tourist attraction I do a quick mental check. Where are the exits? Are there any hiding places? It’s a quick thought and then I put it to the back of my mind and have a great time!

Finally, what’s your best straight-up travel tip that doesn’t involve security?

Go with the flow!! Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Your flight might be delayed, there may be airport strikes or the weather might be a little shitty. Don’t sweat the little stuff, enjoy the gift that is travel and the adventure that awaits you. This world of ours is amazing.

Oh and get a good travel agent!!!

Chelsea Muscroft on her own travels

To find out more about Chelsea and what she does, head to her Facebook page here.

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