Sometimes it’s hard to know what to pack for your trip. Should you take a jacket or swimmers? Hiking shoes, or sandals? Raincoat or sunscreen, or both? Are there other things you’ve never even thought about taking, but might realize are indispensable once you get there? This article seeks to answer some of those questions and make packing easy for you. Here are 3 lists of tailored essentials that help you know what to pack for the 3 main types of holiday travel – cruise, resort, adventure. The ultimate holiday packing guide.

Cruise Holiday Packing List

There’s a reason cruises are one of the most popular styles of holiday in the world. Winding down while on a floating city while you have everything you want at your fingertips. You get to see a bunch of different places, eat like royalty and mingle with interesting people from all over the globe. However, unless you’re a cruise veteran, some of the following packing list items might surprise you…

A Carry On Bag

Sure you’ve got a room on board. But lots of people neglect the fact it takes time to get your luggage to that room. If you want to make the most of your holiday from minute one, make sure you take a few things as you embark. Swimmers, some sun cream and a good book are a couple of faves. A deck of cards is another that will have a group of you entertained as you wait for the rest of your gear to arrive safely.

Here’s one popular carry-on bag that suits a cruise vibe. Shop for ithere online.


Cruises are very cruisy during the day when it comes to fashion. Loose shorts and a rayon shirt, summery dresses, or really whatever you’re comfortable in. Nighttime is another matter. There are often formal occasions and venues onboard that require a stricter dress code. Make sure you pack a suit if you’re a man and a cocktail dress (or three) if you’re a woman. That goes for shoes to complement the getup.

Wrinkle Releasing Spray

A lot of cruise liners don’t have irons in their rooms because of fire safety. So, if you want that eveningwear of yours to look its best when you head out on the town (ahem ship) then this spray is amazing. However, it won’t get out massive kinks in clothing, so make sure you pack well beforehand. If you’re not into sprays like this, thenthis guide offers a few other ways to get wrinkles out of your clothes without an iron.


Surprise. You didn’t think you’d see these on here. The only person who normally thinks about taking a pair of binoculars on a holiday is a twitcher (that’s bird watcher for the layperson). However, when you’re passing islands, coming into port, or looking to spot sea life in the distance, a good pair of field glasses are worth their weight in gold. There are plenty of good compact options out there right now too.Here’s a good guide to finding ones that suit you.

Light Warmth

Even if you’re headed to somewhere tropical on your cruise, be aware that nighttimes on deck can still get pretty chilly. If you’re going to enjoy the beautiful starry sky without light pollution (hello binoculars!), then it’s a good idea to take a light sweater, shawl or similar. A little preparation can turn into a truly magic moment of your trip without any unnecessary cold.  

Resort Holiday Packing List

A resort trip is one of the most relaxing ways to go on holiday. No moving around, just hanging out, chilling with everything and soaking up some ‘you’ time. Most resorts are in the tropics, or at least warmer climates, so your clothing packing list should be fairly easy. However, here are a few other must-have items to pack when hitting a resort.

A Kindle

If you’re a reader, you might prefer the touch, feel and smell of a good book. However, on a resort holiday, you probably also chew through five to ten novels. That’s a lot of weight in your bag unless you rely on bookstores to be close by when you’re there. A Kindle, or other types of e-readers, not only store thousands of books in a lightweight device, but you can also connect to the resort wifi and get a new one at the click of a button. That convenience is worth the trade-off from a paperback in our book.

2-3 Swimsuits

Just like a cold beer or wine after a long day, one isn’t enough. It’s a great idea to take a few pairs of swimmers with you on a resort holiday. That’s because often your first pair is wet in the morning and it’s icky getting into a damp set of shorts or bikinis. Take a few and you’ll always be happy to hit the pool.

Running shoes

A lot of people forget to take their exercise gear on holidays because they’re there to relax. However, there’s nothing like starting the day with a light jog or long walk along the beach. It sets up your energy levels for the day and has you ready to make the most of the sunshine ahead of you. Take those running shoes as a reminder to keep up a routine and keep your feet comfortable while doing it.

A Travel Mug

If you think these are just designed for having a hot coffee in the car you’re wrong. They keep your cup of tea hot by the pool in the morning, pina colada chilled in the afternoon, and disguises that duty-free tipple of gin in a nondescript container. They also save you from using a plastic water bottle every time you get thirsty. Just fill up your reusable mug at a fountain. Less plastic in the ocean means pristine beach resort holidays for years and years to come.The turtles will thank you too.

A Tote or Crossbody Bag

Whether you’re hitting the pool with a Kindle and towel, or heading out beyond the resort to do a little shopping, a good tote bag is absolutely amazing. Easy to sling over your shoulder, easy to get to your things and easy to fit a lot in. How could you go wrong? Pack one that zips up, into your luggage and you’ve got a secondary bag to check-in on the flight home, just in case you go a little overboard on that shopping excursion. Find onehere that might tickle your fancy.

Adventure Holiday Packing List

Surfing, hiking, sailing, or climbing. There are all kinds of adventure trips out there and all of them put you outside of your comfort zone and into a life worth living. You’re always going to want solid wet weather gear, some thermal underwear and a journal to scribble your adventures in. Here are a few other items you really need to take along as well.

Duct Tape

MacGyver’s best friend. With this wonderous roll of sticky stuff he could fix a car, escape a prison cell, or rewire a nuclear submarine. While you probably won’t find yourself in the same zany scenarios as our inventive TV icon, duct tape will still come in handy. It’s great to fix up a dinged up surfboard on the fly, patch up a leaking tent, or tape your buddy’s hands to his head when he passes out by the campfire.  

Leatherman Tool

Bent the tip of your hiking pole on a rock? You’ll need some pliers to get it back in shape. Need to cut off a stretch of duct tape to fix your surfboard? You’ll need some scissors or a knife. Need to pop the top off a chilled beer after a big climb? You’ll need a bottle opener. All of this and more is condensed down into a Leatherman tool. Like a Swiss Army knife but better, these things should be the key sidekick of any adventurer. Just remember to pack it into your check-in luggage before getting on planes. They won’t let you through security with one of these bad boys.

Head Torch

Any camper will tell you these head torches are super handy. Doing dishes at night, finding that leatherman in your tent, searching for a safe place to pee in the dark. The applications are endless, all without the need to actually carry a torch. They’re lightweight, handy and are even great for reading a book. Put one in your kit.  

Spare Socks

Most people think about making sure they have a sturdy pair of shoes, but those little sleeves of material that go on your feet first are often neglected. Many a hiker has been come undone by wet socks, when a spare pair or five would have been easy to slip into their bag. Warm feet = happy camper.

A First Aid Kit

Adventure can sometimes mean danger. At the very least, you’re circling the edges of what’s safe by moving off your couch and into the world. It’s always a great idea to take some basic medication and bandages to help keep you healthy on the expedition. Not all first aid kids are treated equal, however, so have a look atthis guide by the legends at Carryology on making your own amazing lifesaver.

Everywhere Holiday Packing List

There are just some items that are a must wherever you go. Generally, those are things that make you feel more comfortable (or safer, which is basically the same thing.) Here are a couple of items we recommend you pack no matter where you’re off to.

A Convertible Travel Pillow

Not just for planes. A good convertible travel pillow supports your neck on long-haul flights and can act as that extra companion when reading a book poolside at a resort, chilling on the deck of your cruise liner, or sleeping under the stars on a remote hiking adventure. It takes your traditional travel pillow shape, but also zips into a nice comfy cushion to slide under your head wherever you choose to lay it down.

A Little Extra Security

Peace of mind is something you want to pack on every holiday. Knowing your gear is under wraps lets you concentrate on the adventure at hand and have the good time you came to have. Whether that’s a portable safe, anti-theft backpack, or handbag with lockable zips, it all depends on your preference. To check out Pacsafe’s range of anti-theft luggage and more, headhere.

Until next time. Safe Travels.

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