June 27, 2016 5 min read

Has watching the Olympics always been on your to-do list? Where better than the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. You buy your tickets and mark it on your calendar, and the next thing you know, it’s June and you travel to Brazil in two months! Fret not; we have some travel tips that’ll help you plan your trip as well as discover Rio on a more personal level.
1. Pack Your Bags
Seeing that Brazil is a tropical country, there isn’t much to pack. All you need are your tank tops, t-shirts, sunglasses, flip flops, walking shoes, shorts, and a lightweight jacket if you’re travelling southwards. You might want to pack an umbrella in case the occasional showers in August hits you when the Olympics are going on, or if you’d like to protect yourself from the harmful rays. Which reminds us…  sunblock! Never leave home without it.
To fully maximise your luggage space – roll your clothes to save space and avoid creases. For toiletries, put them in a ziplock bag to prevent any spillage during high pressure in flight. Depending on what type of traveller you are, you may want to check out the Toursafe EXP29 anti-theft wheeled gear bag, suited as a check-in luggage. If you’re backpacking, the Venturesafe 45L GII anti-theft Travel Backpack would be a great carry-on option. These come with eXomesh anti-theft features to protect against bag slashers. They also come with puncture-resistant Toughzips that prevent entry into your bag via zippers with a ballpoint pen or sharp object. The Venturesafe 45L GII can also be locked to a secure fixture if you ever need to leave your belongings for a while.
2. Double Check
Travel documents ready? Make sure your passport doesn’t expire in 6 months or you will not be able to travel. Check if your country requires a visa because you don’t want to travel for hours just to stand inches from this beautiful city and not be able to get in. A good tip to have all your documents in place is to have a travel wallet. This way, everything you need is in one place and within reach at any time. The RFIDsafe W150 RFID blocking organiser and RFIDsafe V150 RFID blocking compact organiser are able to hold your passport, credit cards, boarding pass, cash, and a pen when you need to fill up the embarkation forms. To top it off, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing all your digital information is safe.
Just like how you’re spreading your wings and experiencing a foreign land and culture, you should spread your Brazil and home currencies in several locations too. Body wallets and belts are your best travel buddies. Ladies, check out the Coversafe S25 secret bra pouch, and guys, maybe a Cashsafe anti-theft Travel Belt Wallet and Coversafe X75 anti-theft RFID blocking neck pouch might be more your thing.
3. RIO Here We Come!
Now that you’re all set, time to hit the airport runways! We’ll be your Brazil travel guides.
You will arrive at the Aeroporto Antônio Carlos Jobim (also known as Galeão). You may take the public bus (Premium Auto Ônibus) to the city center. It operates every 30-40 minutes and the journey might take 75 minutes to 2 hours, depending on traffic. If you don’t mind paying a little extra, you may always opt for a taxi.
Once you’ve settled in to your hotel, you’re ready for the big games. Depending on which games you have tickets for, the battle for Olympic medals will take place in 32 venues within Rio de Janeiro, so be sure you end up at the right stadium!
Getting around Rio is fairly easy. The public bus is the cheapest way to get around the city, but you do need to keep a close eye on your belongings if choosing this form of transport. Yellow taxis are available in high numbers in the city, but ensure you tell the driver to turn the meter on. Radio taxis (usually blue, green or white), which need to be prebooked via phone call, are your most reliable option, but they are the most expensive.
On days you are not watching the Olympic games, these are the few spots you might want to visit when in Rio. If you’re taking a DSLR with you for all these breathtaking shots, store it safely in a Camsafe V17 anti-theft camera backpack.
The iconic Cristo Redentor. Commonly used in opening shots of Rio in movies, it is a monument of Christ the redeemer on top of the mountain. It’s located at Parque Nacional da Tijuca, 710 meters above the sea level where you get to appreciate one of the most beautiful views of the city.
Escadaria Selaron. These colourful steps can be found at Manuel Carneiro Street and is definitely Instagram worthy. #nofilter.
The Candelaria Church. It is one of the most famous and beautiful churches of Brazil. Built from 1775 to the late 19th century, the church is an important historical Roman Catholic Church in the city of Rio.
Parque Nacional da Tijuca. It is what’s left of the Atlantic rainforest that once surrounded Rio. This 120-sq-km tropical jungle preserve is an exuberant green, with beautiful trees, creeks and waterfalls, mountainous terrain and high peaks.
Ipanema Beach. Considered the “little Paris” of Rio, it is renowned for its avant-garde galleries, bookstores, and movie theaters. Even songs have been written about it, so you have to see it for yourself!
Copacabana beach. This 4 km (2.5 miles) long beach is one of the most famous in the world. Hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs and residential buildings dot the promenade facing the beach. It’ll be filled with throngs of people due to its popularity, so bring your Travelsafe portable safe and lock your belongings to your beach chair.
Lapa. Here you’ll find the liveliest nightlife in Rio. Located in the historic center of Rio’s downtown, this party district has long been a venue for those experience the Brazilian nightlife. It’s recently become a highly targeted area for crime however, so tread lightly and leave precious belongings back in your room.
Sugarloaf Mountain. The peak rises 396 meters (1,299 ft) above the harbour, and is known worldwide for its cableway and panoramic views of the city. To reach the summit, you’ll need to take two cable cars: the first ascends to the Morro da Urca, and the second car ascends to Pão de Açúcar.
With the tips and travel guidance provided for your Rio Olympics trip, go forth and watch history in the making! And don’t forget to be a good sport and travel safe.

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