Travel is all about doing new things, expanding your perspective and coming back a changed person. And, there’s no better time to get away than summer. The weather is great, everyone is in relax mode and festivals are popping off all over. For those in the Northern Hemisphere thinking about a late summer vacation, here are 5 summer escapes that will change your life.


    If you’re a festival fan there’s no better place in summer than Basque Country, Spain. It seems like every day there’s something popping up to celebrate food, wine, music or art. San Sebastian is a key hub in this area, situated on the coast and teeming with culture. You can walk the cobbled streets, bar hopping and eating pintxos (Basque’s version of tapas), or hit the beach for a swim or surf. There’s something here for young, old and in between. Make sure you try some of the region’s famous red wine while there too – Rioja. It’s incredible.


    Summer in Amsterdam is the best. You can hire a boat and laze through the canals with friends, get a bike and breeze through the streets on wheels, or hang out in one of the city’s many parks. Of course, there’s also the red light district and ‘coffee shops’ Amsterdam is infamous for if that’s your thing. But, there’s also the Van Gogh Museum full of priceless impressionist art, or the Rijksmuseum with loads of history (check out the library in there if you’re a bibliophile too – amazing!). Why not do all of it and get the full experience? Amsterdam is one interesting and perspective-changing place.


    A lot of people head to Canada for skiing and snowboarding trips, but the country is just as epic in Summer. Vancouver, in particular, is a window to interesting culture, with outdoor adventure day trips within a short distance to the mountains. If you’re into geek culture like comics and SciFi, make sure you visit The Storm Crow Tavern for a pint. Like hiking or mountain biking? Go up to Whistler. If you’re into art, definitely check out the Vancouver Art Gallery. They normally have some incredible indigenous art from the area on display, as well as other gold from around the world.


    The Ozarks is a massive lake and forest area in mid-west USA. Contra to what the Netflix show would have you believe, it isn’t a haven for money launderers or drug lords. It’s a pristine part of the world that is utterly breathtaking. During summer, the place lights up with visitors, providing plenty of vibrant nightlife and day activities too. If you simply want to get away from it all, there is also the opportunity to hit a trail, or get a boat and find your own little slice of paradise. Rest, rejuvenate and enjoy. If you’re not sure what to do in the Ozarks, this site has some great suggestions.


    Many people won’t have heard of Peurto Escondido but ask any surfer and they’ll tell you exactly where it is. Nestled on the West Coast of Oaxaca, Peurto is home to some of the most spectacular waves on the planet. You can hit the water yourself or just take in the pros getting amazing rides on waves that are often as tall as multi-story buildings. There is also local Mexican cuisine to sample, umbrellas to laze under, or culture to experience. A wonderful beach destination that blends relaxation with a heart-thumping backdrop of extreme sports.

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Image credits:

Amsterdam: Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

Vancouver: Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash

San Sebastian: Photo by Kylie Paz on Unsplash

Mexico: Photo by Matthew Hicks on Unsplash 

Ozarks: Photo by Josh Clemence on Unsplash

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